The Cell for Souls
by Ethan Simmons, age 13, Oxford
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It was January 8, 1809, and it was my birthday. The king (my father), my mom, my brother and all my friends were there. The last gift I received from my brother was a book with a purple glass eye in the middle, with a vortex pattern around it.

After the party was over and I was in my room, I continued to stare at this enchanting book. The glare of the eye could make one go insane, even lead to suicide. The thought of suicide scared me, and the only way to escape the eye was to open the book. Once opened, a dark tornado formed, and began to stretch me toward it. There was a bright flash and the book closed, with me in it.

It was pitch black, but I could see myself clearly. I noticed that I could see through a glass window in the shape of an eye. My brother’s faced appeared in front of the book, and I saw him pick up the book I’m in. He put me in what seemed to be a vault, but before he left he patted the book and mouthed, “Well done book.” Of course! My brother encased me because he wanted the throne, but I was the one to inherit it. Through the corner of the window I saw my now-lifeless body on the floor, soon to be gotten rid of by my brother, and the vault was closed.

Years went by, I didn’t know how many, but each day was filled with suffering. Pictures of the scariest demons and creatures would randomly appear. One would also get hit by an unknown source. One day though, hope came. A scruffy-looking man opened the vault and pulled out the book. Books were scattered everywhere in what seemed like a study room. He gave the book a look of curiosity and opened it.

After the flash, I found myself in the other man’s body. I found a fireplace, and threw a few coals on the book so no one else would be put in the book. While walking out of the room, I started to feel an odd pain in me. I looked at my chest and it was as though I was being slashed by a sword. I began to swell up like a blueberry, but my body couldn’t take it, and I exploded.

Epilogue: The fire wasn’t put out and the place caught on fire. One can’t live for 200 years in a book then come out and live a new life. My brother must have made it to set a curse on those that leave the book to die afterwards. The chief firefighter decided to search the ashes for anything that survived. In the center of the ashes he found a book. It had a purple glass eye in the center with a vortex pattern around it.
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The Cell for Souls by Ethan Simmons, age 13, Oxford

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