So What Did you do with your Year? Mine was FULL!!!
by DebraThomas
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Well here we are in the last few days of 2011. I was thinking about some of the things I did this year and you know, I had a pretty interesting year. Here is a sampling of what my year was like.

Makes me wonder what 2012 is going to show me......maybe introduce me to some famous writers that will read my blogs and give me their opinion? Hmmm...there's a thought to ponder.

This year was full of all sorts of interesting things I did for the first time. For instance: I became so humble to strangers that could help me.

I lost my sight completely in my right eye. Blind as a bat. It was scary and I had no idea what to do or how to get it fixed so I went to the eye doc and they sent me to Birmingham to the Eye Foundation and every month my husband took his vacation days and he drove me to the Eye foundation and every time we made the trip over there we talked about hoping I would be able to see again.So much nervous tension on what the doc would find or do; would there be shots; pills or hospitalization. DR. John Mason gave me a shot in my every single month and sometimes 2 times a month. He tried new techniques on me and when the sight was not getting better, he tried something he heard of and wanted to experiment with, by putting a shot inside my eyeball, and the liquid he would be injecting is a colorectal cancer drug. I had to sign saying yes I would try it. And 6 months down the road, I can now see to write, type, cook, and just about anything else close up with my prescription glasses. I can see 20/200 which is looking far away. And this is with the same eye I couldn't see a thing out of in January of this year.That was a neat experience. Thank you Dr. John O Mason. God Bless you Tracy Thomas, my husband for not having an off day for the last 12 months because you have had to take care of me and my trips to Birmingham because I couldn't drive. Bless you my love.

This year I had my hair cut off and donated 10 inches of my own white platinum blonde hair to the Cancer Society for Locks of Love. I was honored to do it and hope and pray the women and men that get their new hair from me will enjoy it as much as I have.

I lost my best fur friend and baby and I grieve every day.  I miss Muff The Wonderdawg more than anyone can imagine. She was my personal secretary; best friend; sleep buddy; confidant; joy and reason to come home from work on those long hard days when my bones would hurt so bad and all I wanted to do was crawl in bed or the recliner, Muff the Wonderdawg was there to comfort and console. She knew I had a bad day and I hurt and she would lay across my lap to let me stroke her and cry. She died in my arms in June. I grieve every day.

I lost a cousin. She was much older than I but to me she was beautiful. She was aloof but her white hair and skin color made me feel that this was what I was going to look like when I grow up or grow older, whichever the case may be, and I miss knowing she is still over the hill in Weaver being a starlet.  Barbara, you will be missed.

I planted potatoes and onions and garlic and strawberries and I waited with full anticipation of the crops that would come in.  Still waiting on them.

I canned fresh cucumbers and made pickles. All sorts of pickles. I made sweet/hot pickles and dill and then Kosher Vegetables. I made hot salsa too.  This was important because I have never canned anything before in my life.

I was instrumental in having the first annual Community Yard Sale. In an event to try to raise money for the scholarship, I being on the Weaver Alumni asked if we could have a Community Yard Sale and rent the spaces in the park so that people could pay the money to the Alumni for the Scholarship fund and the people could get rid of stuff in a yard sale without having people come to their houses and stuff.  It was a good thing. Many folks came to sell and other came to buy.  The weather was perfect and people made pretty good money.

In September, I was a volunteer with the Weaver Heritage Day Arts and Crafts Festival. This was the most fun to me. I was in charge of setting up a booth of information about Weaver Station and also I had SWAG BAGS filled with things I had gotten from all sorts of companies and governmental agencies. The State of Alabama gave me the bags and brochures and I filled the bags with just a little bit of everything. They were full and they were great. I made up 2000 bags and went through each and every one of them. Loved it. Met people and saw people I haven't seen in years.

Found out there is singing up at Jacksonville Health and Rehab on Sunday afternoons. Love to go to listen to the singing. Even got my mom and aunt to go with me one time and listen to the players do the Christmas show.

Spent time with my Mom. Good days and some not so good, but life. As I look at her and really pay attention to her, I see what her heart feels and what its lost. She is sad and lonely. I can be there every day but its not the same of her mom, dad, brother and sister.  I am her daughter, the youngest of three children and the only one that lives here, but I am not the persons she misses. I am fine, I am comforting but I am not who she misses.  I watch her slip away a little each day and my heart breaks a little more each day because I want more time with the Mother I had in the 70's and 80's when I wasn't married and we spent every Saturday in town buying and looking and eating.  Little by little we got separated due to my job, her friends coming over and I had to be at work early so I couldn't stay and play Scrabble or Checkers and get in all the gossip, or watch Jim and Tammy Baker on the PTL Club all hours of the night, and now that I think back on those times, i think that's the ones I miss most.  She had her life and I had mine. But we spoke every day and even though we still do, its different and you can tell that is about to run its course and she is tired. That hurts to think about. I love her so much.

On a lighter note, I passed it forward a few times. There are very few times we have any money left over at the end of the month, and sometimes its just a little as $10 which is not a lot and I know that, but you have no idea what that little bit means to someone.  We were in KFC in Anniston one day. This lady came in with a walker and she was trying to pay for her dinner and hold her tray and walk the line with the walker and so on.  While she had her head down, I got the attention of the cashier and I gave her the money to pay for the woman's meal.  She didn't know it, and when she tried to pay and the cashier told her it was on the house that lady came over to my table and hugged me. She said she had money but she was tired because her sister was in the hospital and she was trying to hurry to get back up there and all the things that had gone wrong and so on.  So I listened. She was quite happy to have someone to talk with and told me as I started to leave that I will be blessed. I told the woman I am already blessed. Another woman was waiting for her order to go and it was taking a little longer than expected so she watched the whole transaction take time. As the second woman started to leave she came over to me and hugged me. She said she was having such a bad day but to see that someone was concerned about a stranger was giving her hope.

So I gave someone hope.

I started a blog. Had no idea what a blog was nor if anyone would read it. It has always been my desire to have my writings read and reviewed and then someday someone would want to meet me and hopefully talk about a book deal. There are so many things to write about, and as I have said before my life is either a funny comedy or a sad country song, but its my life, and its out there, nothing pretentious, just me.  Got a story or 10 to tell and I want to share them. And if someone wants to sign me to a deal, well then we will talk........I got a lot to say.

This year I noticed that my father in law is slowing down a little and not as physically strong as he has always been. This is bothering me. He has been my stand in dad since 1982 when I fell in love with his son. My own dad died in 1975 and I was lost for so long and then this man with tools and parts to things and organized garage with all sorts of things that are so interesting to me, well, we talked. We talked just me and him standing by the garage in the back yard and I told him I wanted to plant something to watch it grow. So he came and helped me in my yard to plant bulbs. And he trimmed trees and he cut the grass and he showed me how to take care of tools and machines; and now he is having a few memory problems and I hate it.  So I have a friend in my Dad In Law and I love him.  He loves me too.  I kid him I am the favorite daughter in law. He laughs and says yeah because I bribe him with chocolate and Reese Cups.  Don't slow down too much more Snooks, I need you to help me till another garden and plant some winter crops.

This year I became a little closer to my husband. I have known him for years.I have been married to him for years. But in the last year I have fallen in love with a man that will ask how I feel and do I need something for the various aches and pains I have. I have had to become more dependent on him and have been advised by my doctors to bring him with me to the appointments because my memory has been effected and I have no recollection of what they have said when I leave the offices. I have no idea what meds to stop or start.  He has to do these for me. I am now dependent on my husband.  Very dependent. My body is weakening and because of TIA's the memory is not what it should be, so Tracy has be to there to watch over and help with me.  He is so good to me.

I have seen my sister in a different light. She is the oldest of the three children but she has the greatest memories of the grandparents and the parents. Being born several years before me, she grew up in a different time and with the same blood relatives as in Mom and Dad but with different times in their lives with me. So its different with me and Mother than it is with Ann and Mother.  Sister is beginning to understand me and for once I am getting her too.  Its taken a long time.

And this year I got to be friends with my Brother again. I got to be close to him again. I got to feel the security of a big brother again. I missed that. There is love and security that comes from your parents and there is love and security that comes from your spouse but I learned of a love my big brother has for his little sister and even tough we may be in our 50s and 60s each of us and Mother in her 80s, it is still a wonderful feeling to know that I have these folks looking out after me. Taking interest in me and loving me no matter what. 

So this has been a year of not much money; prices going up; healthcare going up; and so much more, but this has been a year I wont forget.   Cause this is the year I let go. I let myself enjoy things, feel things and lose people and pets. But I grew up some this year. I learned a lot this year. I learned there is love, there is A LOT of good people out there and that its all going to be alright. We are going to make it There is a way and we have to make it......we don't know what the future holds, but there is one thing for sure, we will all hold it together.

Hope you did something with you year. I did.
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