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     Every family has good days and bad days in life.  Some of them will be known by a kind of memory jogger - that day we saw the deer, that night when the car died, that great dinner we had that one time and (for those of you with newborns or, like us, kids who fight sleep and cats who wake early) that night we got to sleep seven hours straight.  A few of them that stand out more don't need any details - when we met, when your child was born.

     Only a few need just one word to describe and remember.

     Given last Sunday, Father's Day, was kind of a mess - literally AND figuratively - I kind of got a redo.  So Saturday, we went up to Jacksonville to visit two of our favorite places - Wake and Bake Pizza and Recollected Books.  Eat some pizza, buy some books, have a time.

     We decided to eat first, since Xan's always hungry.  When we went in, I started to wonder if things were going to get interesting.  They had a band playing on the stage in the back, and they were tuning up and playing around, and Xan immediately covered his ears.  Loud noises, high noises, odd echoes and deep noises can bug him, so I was a little nervous.

     Tracy and I talked and decided to go on and try to eat, guessing if things really began to bother him we could go outside and finish.  Xan still had his fingers in his ears, so I made sure to tell one of the guys in the band - the keyboardist and lead singer - to please not take it personal, explained he was autistic and the loud noise was bothering him.  It wasn't a comment on their music, which was very good.

     The guy was super cool about it, said it was no problem.  Soon after, they stopped playing.  It took me a while to connect the dots, but when I did (I would be the first to admit I'm not a fast thinker...actually, I'd be the fortieth or so.)  (ps - that line comes from Terry Pratchett, an author you really should be reading) I went up to the stage.  The lead singer and the drummer were goofing around very quietly and I asked if they had stopped because of Xan.  They said yes, they were just being considerate.

     I thanked them then, and I thank them now.  I hope somewhere they all have something very nice coming to them for this good deed.

     I also told them to go ahead and play.  Xan has to get used to this kind of stuff.  The whole world won't be as kind as this band was, and sometimes he's just gonna have to accept and adjust.  They got back on stage and started to play some of their songs.


    Xander would take his hands down, bob his head a bit, put them back in his ears.  He began to laugh. He began to LOUDLY laugh, smile, giggle, wave his hands in that 'I'm excited' flap of his, and emit peals of his happy cry: 'Deeeeeeeee!'

     We got done eating and were getting ready to leave.  Xan got up, ran to the stage and began jumping and laughing and twirling and spinning and having one of best times I can remember him having.  The owner of the store knows us - we're probably not one of her regulars, being kind of far away, but Xan makes an impression and she remembered us - and let him do all that.  I stayed close to the stage in case he decided to try and jump on there with them - I could see that - and watched him.  The singer, the one I had talked to, asked his name from the stage, gave him a shout-out.

     They played three or songs, all excellent,  and the singer even gave us a warning when he was going to hit some high notes in case it bothered Xan.  It didn't.

     I asked the owner for their name.  Turns out it was members of two or three bands getting together for a kind of jam session.  From what I heard, they could do this a lot more.

     I bought them all some cookies (which are excellent) as a very tiny payment for one of the best days I can remember.  Xan keened and sang in his own way to himself the rest of the day.

     We will always remember this day as Music Day.
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