I'm Fine, And You? And I love COUPONS too.
by DebraThomas
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From the time I was old enough to pay attention to my parents and grandparents and others being asked how they were doing, that same old phrase, "Im Fine, And You?" has been uttered for as long as I can remember. So as habit or just reflex, that is my standard response now too. Has been for quite some time. But its true. I'm fine. I am frustrated, scared, broke, messy, overweight and a list of other things but so what, I am fine. I have had a great day and I look forward to even better ones and the ones that arent so great, well, hopefully I will live to see a great one after that soon, and I pray that I am a blessing to someone along the way. And those are feelings from the heart. Now, care to know why I am fine? If so, read on. And if you dont, well nice of you to stop by and visit and do come again.

See yesterday I had 2 doctors appointments. Went to both. Pretty good news out of both, except that my Lupus is acting up and on top of that I have shingles. Yep, Shingles. Oh and this is not the first nor the last time, they seem to be the re-occuring type. And my thyroid is gone. Didnt know it until now, but its gone. Didnt feel it going but evidentally thats why I am so tired and so on. But, the Lupus doctor told me to be sure and see someone for a second opinion and I said ok. 

Well today was my special day. I have been looking forward to this day for weeks. We get a lot of junk mail along with the bills but, the ones that look to be of interest, (other than the keys to open a car on some lot somewhere or the ones saying I have been approved for a $100000 loan) yeah right, anyway, I open the interesting ones. And sometimes I hit the jackpot. And I hit it last week. 

I got a coupon for 40% off of a pair of shoes at the Payless Shoestore in the Mall; a free pair of panties or a thong from Victoria's Secret; and a coupon for a free trial size bottle of body wash from Bath and Body Works, along with 20% off a purchase. Well, folks, I have put those coupons in my purse, I have handled them, and reread them so many times I think the ink was about off. Had my gameplan set. Was going to the mall. Was going to get the new shoes; pick out a pair of drawers and then I had used up the last of my Cherry Blossom Bath stuff so I was ready to get some more.

I planned on going Saturday, but my husbands plans changed and he is not going out of town as planned so, I said, ok, today is the day I am going, want to go with me? And to my pleasant surprise he did. And we had a great time.

He was so nice in the shoe store. He helped me and another lady pick out shoes. She said she needed someone decisive to help her so he did. He told her to get the black wedges so they will go with everything.

He was great in Victorias Secret and wasnt embarrased at all to tell me there was nothing in there that would fit him or that he was interested in, (WHEW!!!) and I replied I was just in there to get a free panty. No Thong. So we go to the table she directed us to that had the free panties, and the LARGE wouldnt go around this laptop screen. So needless to say, I didnt get me a pair of panties. But being the tightwad I am, I did use the coupon, and got a pair for my mother in law. She is about 98 pounds and in her eighties so I figured chances are she has never had a pair of Victorias Secret panties. Presented my coupon and the clerk put them in a pretty striped bag and wrapped them in pink paper and we walked out. Not a cent spent.

Went to Bath and Body Works. Sure enough there was a sale there too.  I could get 3 things, get 3 free things and then could use the 20% off coupon and also get a free sample size of shower gel. Man was I happy. To reward my husband for being such a good sport, I told him that I would get the things I want, (cheaper ones) and he could get the 3 free. He was a happy camper  too. So we proceed to the checkout and the man tells me that hubby can get 3 shower gels to go with his purchase, so we wound up with 7 bottles of stuff for him and my 3 that we bought and it was still less than it would have been for just the 3 for me. Off of coupons!!!

Now I am not a new couponer at all. I have been using these things since rebates in the mail still containted cash. I was working and would use the coupons and rebates for lunch money and pantyhose money all of the time.  My sister lives near Atlanta and she still gives me the coupons they get in their papers. I am so happy!! So I use them for dog food and cat food and so on. Love the savings and free stuff.  

Well, we were on our way to the pet store to get the cat and dogs food (yep have a store card there for the discounts) and I saw CARES was open and one of my favorite doctors was there today. I opened the door and there was no one in the chairs waiting. So I took it as a sign to get the refills for the RX I needed for asthma meds and stuff and thought well, I will get that second opinion on these shingles.

Let me tell you, this stuff is not for wimps. My whole body part, (which I wont describe on this family friendly post) is inflamed and red and you get the picture.  Yep, you got Shingles and Lupus too. You must be in pain. Well, yeah I said, but you have to go on. You cant just give up, and stay in bed and cover your head, you have to go on. I have too many folks lives I have to run, so yeah, I hurt but if a 325 milligram aspirin wont take care of it or some CamphoPhenique then well, I dont have time for it. Asthma meds filled, a shot in the other side where the shingles isnt at (now you know) and I was on my way.

We got in the car and my husband lovingly looks over at me and asks, well, hon, how are you feeling?

Without missing a beat, I said, Fine and You?

He is so wonderful to me. He praised my attitude and said he has never seen anyone with the attitude I have when in pain. Cant move, hurt, broken out, and you still laugh and smile.

He kissed the top of my hand, and you know what?

That smile, admiration from him and feeling of love he gives is better than any 325 milligram aspirin or shot in the.........................

So when you see me, just know, if you ask, the answer will always be, I'm fine, and you?

Hopefully. If not, check to see if I am really ok.

Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful day too. I did. Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.
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