Humble Me, Lord
by JohnBagwell
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“Humble me, Lord.”  How different would your Christian walk and spiritual life be if you prayed that prayer every day and meant it?  What would it look like if God were to humble you?

WWI tankTwo stories stick out in my mind when it comes to humility, and both of them have to do with tanks.  The first story comes from a soldier on the battle field of World War One, called The Great War at the time (there had not yet been a World War II), tanks were just really beginning to come into their own as a tool on the battlefield.  Before tanks, armies would line up on either side, and dig in with mazes of trenches with barb wire and machine gun nests.  In between them was “No Man’s Land” which was a space of land neither side held, and where both sides had equal access to fire the full force of their weapons.

When the tank came along, it changed all that.  As a soldier recalled his first encounter with a tank, he said the experience was both terrifying and humbling.  All the prepared defenses were useless.  The tank rolled through No Man’s Land, through the machine gun fire, over the barbed wire, and caved in the trenches on top of the men who were underneath.  Lines of soldiers followed, and his unit was in an immediate state if disarray.

Tian An Men Square tank columnThe second story takes me back to June 4, 1989.  In Beijing China, in a plaza called Tian-an-men Square, students rose up in protest, and were fired upon and killed by Chinese government forces.  At one point, after much of the square has been cleared, tanks begin to roll into the square.  A single column of tanks grinds to a halt, not because of overwhelming opposition, but because one single man resolved to block them or be overrun, stands in their way.

As he stands there, the tanks rolling directly up to him, I am the one humbled.  He stands there in protest, and we can only assume because of the events preceding he is there on behalf of the Chinese students previously murdered by their own government. In my mind, he also personifies humility in the sense that he has come to the point that, in his own mind, he has given up everything.  Had he any reservation within himself for himself or the things he owned on this earth, doubtless he would not have been there, yet there he stood.

I wonder how many Christians would be willing to make such a stand.  Too many times, even I admit I am too preoccupied with the things of this world, trying to hold onto the status quo of my own life, trying to do the day-to-day things that make ends meet, and sometimes I forget what my real mission in life is as a Christian.  It is worth remembering these stories, because if we pray “Humble me, Lord” it may just happen that God sends a tank over the defensive lines in our lives we have so carefully prepared, so that we may hold no thing on this earth in reserve in a stand for Him.

How different would your life be if you sincerely prayed, “Humble me, Lord” every day?


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