Bags? I Got 'Em
by DebraThomas
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And sags and splotches and blotches. Sounds like a commercial doesnt it? Well, its not, its me.

And you know what, I am glad I've got them. I am unique. There is no one else like me. Not weird, just unique.

See I was talking with my best friend tonight, and we were talking about life in general. She was telling me things that have gone on in her life and was asking about some of the things in mine, and as I told her some of the sorted stories, she was sorry for me. And that made me feel odd. Not that she felt sorry for me, but that someone would feel that way about me.

See, I dont claim to be a beauty, and you can tell by looking at my photo on here that Miss America hasnt been trying to call me, but I am me.

I am fine with being me. I have earned every line, crease, wrinkle, scar, blotch, splotch and sag I have. I wear them as badges. I wear them with honor. I kinda look at my life as a charm bracelet, and every part has a story to tell.

Some arent pretty, some arent bad. But its life. And the best thing I can say is that its been a pretty good one. I have had a wonderful husband for many years of my adult life, and I pray he will see me on into the day when Willard Scott has to annouce my 100th birthday on the Today Show.

I have wonderful parents, even though my father died when I was young, he still lives in my memories, so therefore I still have him. And you all know how I feel about Moma. She is just my bestest of all friends.

I have great siblings, that even though there are years between us, have instilled in me love and security and knowledge of the meaning of family that many on the outside must admire.

My inlaws are just extended family, not INLAWS at all. They love me and I do them. I am so blessed they have taken me in and made me the daughter they never had. 

So, when someone says something that hurts your feelings or makes you sad or makes you feel less than you are, then just think of this one little thing.......

Everybody has a wart on their behind somewhere.  (You can change the word behind for whatever you want, but this is a family page after all). But the meaning is, no matter what someone else says or does to you, they are not perfect. They have some shortcoming and are trying to make up for it by making you feel small. But dont. Just think of them with that wart, or freckle or mole or whatever you want to, but just know, Miss America or Mr Universe isnt calling them either, so smile and know you can always come here to the  Musings Blog

and hopefully I will make you smile. Or laugh out loud, or at least feel like you have a friend, even if I'm not Miss America.

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