Alice Says …
by Taylor Snellgrove, age 16, White Plains High School
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I always knew there was something different about my sister, but I just didn’t know what it was. She’s always been interested in the creepiest things, like watching murder movies and reading about murderers from the past. When we moved to our new house last summer is when it got worse. It’s kind of an old house, probably from the 1800s, and there’s always been an eerie vibe about it. The floors creek when no one’s walking on them, doors that I leave closed I find open when I come back to them, but the creepiest thing was when I would hear my sister talking to her ‘friend’. She was only nine at the time so it might be normal to have an imaginary friend, but this was anything but normal.

No one had lived in the house for about 50 years before we bought it, and trust me I wish we’d never moved in either. The family that lived here before was a typical family—a father and mother with two daughters. The daughters’ names were Mary and Alice, Alice being the oldest. Although the family looked happy from the outside, inside they had problems of an abusive father and a crazy mother. The girls had to deal with their father sneaking into their rooms at night, and their mother hating them for their father being more interested in them than her.

After this had gone on for a few years, Alice decided she couldn’t take it anymore. After her parents and Mary went to bed one night she went to the kitchen and got the butcher knife. She went to her parents’ room and stood over them until her mother woke up, and then she slit her throat with the knife before she even had the chance to scream. She then went over to her father’s side of the bed and stabbed him over and over, way past the point of him being dead. After killing her parents Alice began thinking of her sister, and how much she loved her.

She knew that Mary would be heartbroken to find that her parents were gone, and Alice decided she knew what she had to do. She went to Mary’s room and lay with her for a while, stroking her hair and singing “Rock a Bye Baby” to her. After she was sure Mary was asleep, she took a pillow and held it over Mary’s face, smothering her until she was dead. A few days later a neighbor came to check on the family, and they found the parents and Mary still in their beds.

They found Alice’s body at the edge of the staircase, looking as though she jumped over the railing.

Now you’d think after a history like that, no one in their right mind would want to move there, but clearly you haven’t met my parents. But now let’s get back to my sister and her friend. Coincidentally enough, her friend’s name was Alice and my sister spent countless hours upstairs talking to her. I also found her walking around house singing “Rock a Bye Baby” a lot of the time. I told my parents there was something creepy about it, but they said I was just being paranoid. This behavior of hers went on for about six months, and then the worst happened.

My parents left me and my sister home alone one night, and the whole night my sister looked scared. At about eleven that night my sister started screaming and running through the house. I tried to get her to stop but she told me to leave her alone and that she hated me. I went to my room for a while, trying to tell myself she was just trying to get attention. After a while it got very quiet, and then I heard a big crash. I ran to the railing and saw my sister lying at the bottom of the stairs. I ran down to her and picked up her head, crying and telling her everything would be okay. She looked up at me, trying desperately to get out her words, and stared into my eyes and whispered, “Alice says I have to die too.”
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Alice Says … by Taylor Snellgrove, age 16, White Plains High School

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