A $640 Million Question
by JohnBagwell
 Faith & Family
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While prime time news outlets devoted at least some of their broadcasting to the record-breaking lottery jackpot that ended with several winners last night, I must say it was a bit of fun conversation between my wife and I about what we would do with so much money.  To be honest, my main thoughts seemed to keep navigating toward finding a way to preserve both my anonymity and my sanity, and the best way I could think of to do this would be to take a very long vacation out of the country - maybe for a year.  By the time I came back from vacation, it would be hoped, another world issue/problem will have found its way to center stage.

All that money is kinda fun and scary to think about at the same time.  Fun to think about what you'd do with it, and scary to think about all the problems it would inevitably bring.  I can just imagine the number of people who would suddenly become your friend asking for "just $1 million" out of "all those hundreds of millions of dollars" you'd have.  Within days you'd have every worthy cause and crackpot at your door looking for a donation, and then fingering you as a heartless miser (or worse) if you turned any one of them down.  Then there are those out there who would seek to find some creatively exploitative reason, however trivial, to sue just in the hopes that you'd settle out of court.  After all that, then there are the relatives . . .

Besides the ones you actually know and have anything to do with, you'd have relatives you never knew, and those sudden relatives who are related because you have the same last name, or maybe just the same first name would be enough.  To be sure, winning $640 million would start a parade of long-lost acquaintances and friends from all over, and makes me think that year-long vacation I was thinking about would need to stretch out a little longer, like maybe over the rest of my life.

So what would you do with $640 million?  It's just a question, but one worth asking if only to think of what could be, and as you do remind yourself of what will be.  You see, for those people who won the $640 million, they will have a lot of decisions to make, and I'd love to be one of them, but in the end, both the winners of the $640 million and I will have one thing in common with you.  Whatever we have now in this life, we must leave it all behind when we die.

Kinda depressing, but a reality check is in order here.  I love dreaming about what I'd do with $640 million if only because of the circumstances I face every day in my life right now.  To be sure, I'd be substituting one set of problems for another, but at this moment I'd like to see what handling the problems of having $640 million looks like.  However, life is, and always has been, one of the great equalizers.  Whether it is money, or problems, which you have in plenty, you will one day leave them all behind.

With the end of March and the end of a record lottery jackpot, tomorrow turns to a new month, and thoughts turn to a new day.  As we approach the Easter season, I think of the greatest prize in all of history - that of heaven.  The price of that ticket?  Paid in full.  Availability?  Free for all who choose to accept and believe.  It is safe to assume I will never know the life of a millionaire on this earth, but with all the potential problems it can bring, I like to think my life is quite a wonderful blessing as it stands right now, and all the dreams I might have of living the life of a millionaire will simply never compare to the coming eternity in heaven.  How about you?  Did you get your ticket?

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