E-news August 10, 2011
by mercypilkington
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ARC member Gordon Harvey at the SF Marathon
ARC member Gordon Harvey at the SF Marathon

Good afternoon runners! Hope you haven't stashed your running shoes under the bed or left them in the trunk of the car now that the excitement of Woodstock has cooled a little bit...your next Grand Prix race is THIS SATURDAY! Check out the website at annistonrunners.com for all the information you need on the Lincoln 5K.


First off, congratulations to everyone who volunteered to help out with Woodstock.  You guys deserve a big thank you for a race well organized and executed!  We enjoyed the race thoroughly, and already look forward to next year.  Jen and I also ran the Hot to Trot 8hr race in GA on Sunday.  It is a timed race, meaning the standings are determined by how many total miles you run in 8 hrs--not on who goes a set distance the fastest.  This particular race is run on very pretty trail over at Sweetwater.  Jen and I had a good time, and their race was also extremely well run by the G.U.T.S. group.  We had a ball, and managed to perservere together through 32 very hot/sweaty laps, or about 37.8 miles total.  This was good enough for 7th place for Jen/femlaes, and 8th place for me in the males, or 14th and 15th overall.  Timed races aren't for everyone, but it really is a fun format, and you end up making a lot of new friends and cheering each other on. 
Jay Worrall


Six local runners from the ARC (Derrick Carver, Amie Hinton, Dylan McPhee, Mike McPhee, Greg Velasquez and myself) went down to Clinton, Mississippi on Saturday July 30, 2011 to compete in the 1st Official Big Butts 50/100K at Butts State Park. For Derrick and Amie this was their first 50K race. Amie was actually talked into signing up on Friday at packet pickup.


I am pleased to report that on a day when temperatures reached 106 degree all of us completed the 50K. The initial field was 57 runners and 18 dropped out before finishing at least 50K. We worked as a team when necessary to make sure all of our group got across the line. I was more ambitious and attempted the 100K but realized after 42 miles that I wasn't on pace to complete it in the 14 hour time limit so I tapped out.


For anyone who is interested in running their first 50K, this is a great course to do so as it is really flat and fast! Next year's race is set for July 28, 2012.


Joe Jankoski




Ran the 2011 San Francisco Marathon on July 31. Finished in 3:33 and had a great time. beautiful course and amazing race organization. Lots of hills, but running up and down Jacksonville's Chimney Peak every Thursday had me ready.

Gordon Harvey


Hey Anniston Runners - Did you enjoy those Thursday evening Woodstock runs?
All the camaraderie? All the support and energy from fellow runners? The
cold water at the finish? The hills? The thrill of victory? (No agony of
defeat.) Well, the fun can continue if you want it to!?! Why stop now? Who's
in to run the Woodstock course (or a variation thereof) every Thursday
evening about 5:45 p.m.
If you are interested, email:


Brooke Nelson





You will be receiving an email about the 2011 Woodstock 5K and Kidstock 1 Mile Survey. Please take a few minutes (We promise, it will be quick.) to fill it out and submit. Everyone who was involved in any way should receive the survey – runners, walkers, vendors, volunteers, sponsors, etc. We use this info every year to make improvements to our signature race. PLUS, you will be entered in a random selection for a FREE 2012 Woodstock entry. So please take the survey as soon as you get it. If you have questions, please email Drew Nelson at:  drewnelson@amcvets.com Thanks!

Hey there ARC. Man it's hot and humid! This ain't Kansas OR RI!

Thanks to all who have reported. Check your data for accuracy. Everybody with a zero in July, let's see some mileage.

Have a great rest of your week runners!!!


Woodstock 5K Update August 6, 2011
by mercypilkington
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If you've been hiding out in the Batcave for the past few months, you may not know that the RRCA 5K National Championship was held today...the 31st annual running of the Woodstock 5K!


First, let me say FANTASTIC JOB VOLUNTEERS! Record numbers of people gave their time and energy to stage this signature event. Great job Dennis Dunn in putting on the race! Awesome presidential leadership throughtout, Ed Turner! Brooke Nelson, you're a coordinating rock star! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the literally hundreds of people who made this event happen today.


A huge thank you also goes to everyone from Anniston High School. I don't know of many races that offer an air conditioned auditorium for the awards ceremony, and I know the 1400 runners appreciated the chance to cool off indoors. It was especially appreciated considering that the faculty and staff return to work in less than 48 hours, and we know that many sweaty runners can leave a little bit of a mess behind!


Reuben Mwei and Janet Cherobon-Bawcom were the overall male and female winners respectively.

Results are available online at http://www.besttimescct.com/results/Woodstock11.txt so check out the times!
E-news August 3, 2011
by mercypilkington
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Don't miss out on the fun!
Don't miss out on the fun!
Hi runners! Guess what day it is? It’s the Wednesday Before Woodstock! Do you know what that means? Well, if you’re good at math it means you already know there are only three days til the Big Race! (If you’re not good at math, I just told you there are three days til the Big Race!)

Below I’m posting a step-by-step timeline of how you want your race weekend to go, just so there are no surprises when you get there.


But first, if you haven’t signed up already to volunteer, don’t worry. I’m here to ease the guilt that is stabbing you horrifically in the gut. Still want to run but didn’t want to be tied down with race-day responsibilities? Brooke Nelson and crew need a few (million) extra hands at the storage unit and at set-up. Here’s her note:


Thursday after the run – We will be going to the ARC unit to clear out anything else that is needed, mainly scaffolding, podiums, etc…. Tom and I would love any help loading all this stuff.
Friday, 3 p.m. at the race site – Tom plans to start building the Start and Finish standards, so we need helpers. Bring gloves as the scaffolding is very hot at this time. FRIDAY is a must for volunteers, so be a helper!


Brooke Nelson




Woodstock 5K Race Weekend Timeline:

Friday – Beat the race day rush and get your packet during the Pasta Pig Out, from 5pm to 7pm at the Anniston High School gym/cafeteria. If you have friends who still haven’t signed up, FRIDAY is the LAST CHANCE! There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION! Get your packet, go home, get a good night’s sleep.

Saturday –

6:30 a.m.- Last chance to pickup packets. NO RACE-DAY REGISTRATION (Have I mentioned that?)
7:15 a.m.- First Call to the Start Line
7:25 a.m.- Final Announcements
7:30 a.m.- Woodstock 5K Start
8:30 a.m.- Kidstock 1 Mile Run/Walk Start
Post-Race Party and Expo
9:30 a.m.- Awards Ceremony

That should give you a clear idea of what will take place during all the fun that is Woodstock. If you still have questions, there will be plenty of people on hand at the Pasta Dinner who can answer those questions and give you a lot more helpful hints in order to have the best race ever. Don’t miss out!

E-news July 28, 2011
by mercypilkington
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Team Gower, winner of the 2010 Skyler Brady Heart of a Champion Award
Team Gower, winner of the 2010 Skyler Brady Heart of a Champion Award



Hi runners! I hope you've taken advantage of the on-again-off-again rains to log some serious training miles...while showering at the same time!

Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock! Let's see how many times the word Woodstock can be squeezed into one email. I won't have to do that if you contact Dennis Dunn ASAP and let him know how you can help make this year's running the best one yet. There are still positions that need to be filled, so hurry! It's also a huge surprise how many runners forget to register until the last minute, and you don't want to do that. Why, you ask?

BECAUSE YOU MIGHT NOT GET A SHIRT! Let me say that again...YOU MIGHT NOT GET A SHIRT if you wait til the last minute, and this year's shirt is one you do NOT want to miss. It's got everything...wick away fabric...the biggest bird ever to appear on any shirt in your wardrobe (I hope)...and it's lime green! What else could you ask for from a free piece of clothing???

Never let it be said that we let you take it easy. Woodstock is all the news, but don't forget that the next Grand Prix event after Woodstock is the very next weekend. Check out the Anniston Runners Club website at annistonrunners.com for all the info and entry forms.

Rock-and-Roll San Antonio takes place in November this year, but the price increase happens on July 31st. Check out all the rock-and-roll series events on their website for complete information.

Don't forget to send me all your news so we can brag on you! Photos are welcome, but remember that these are now attached to the Anniston Star community blog pages.

Speaking of blogs, this email is also viewable as the Anniston Star community blog page under Mileage. Find it here at http://annistonstar.com/blogs_mileage.

Have a great week!

E-news July 19, 2011
by mercypilkington
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Hi there, Runners! Let me ask you a question: how's your Woodstock training shaping up? Not so happy with it? Why don't you join the 50 runners who came out Saturday at 7:30am to train on the course?

There is still a lot to be done on this awesome event, and there are quite a few positions that will still enable you to run the event on race day. Check with Dennis Dunn and he will plug you into a job that's right for you (ddunn@annistonstar.com).

Training for Woodstock still takes place on Saturday (see above) and Thursdays at 5:45pm.

This weekend, Jennifer Ford and I ran the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile race.  I can honestly say it was both the most beautiful, and the most difficult, race I have ever done.  It is quite challenging with nearly 10,000 feet of elevation change, the entire course is run between 6,000 and 10,000 feet elevation, and there's one two-mile stretch (from miles 30-32) of approximately 2,000' of climb straight up a black diamond ski run.  This was really something!  You had snow fields and creek crossings, too.  All in all it made for quite an adventure.  I am happy to say that we were both very happy with our efforts, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I would recommend this race to anyone, with the one caveat of: be prepared to work hard!  It was simply gorgeous there, and I hope to race there again someday!
Jay Worrall

Donation Goal has been met!

Many thanks to all who donated to this worthy cause.
Several who have donated $10 have NOT submitted a prediction. If you are one of them, please do so. Somebody is going to double their money and win the prize awarded for meeting the goal. You can’t win if you don’t predict.
If you haven’t joined the prediction challenge, feel free to do so. Goal is met but it’s probably an easy way to make some money for your charity and earn a nice prize.
The swim is imminent on Saturday July 23, so get in your prediction ASAP.  No predictions accepted after the swim.
Email predictions to William.Johnson@cms.hhs.gov 
per original Email below.
Do not tell me.  Do not post on Save the Bay Page. This will keep it fair.
Note past  swim times are listed to facilitate your prediction.
Make your donation to

If I survive the swim, will advise the winner following the race.

Historic Lincoln ’s 10th Annual 5k Run/Walk, an ARC Grand Prix Race, is Saturday, August 13th
The race begins at 7:30 a.m. with check-in
and registration at 6:30.  A Children’s Run/Walk follows. 
(Applications also are available at the Chamber office , 210 East Street, South in Talladega .)


Run the Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles
Half Marathon benefiting the ASPCA on October 30.

Price Rollback – Save $15 when you
register before July 31st with coupon code ROLLBACK.

Rub shoulders with celebrities and enjoy the FREE Bret Michaels finish line concert. New loop course starts & finishes downtown at
L.A. LIVE. Register Today!

Fool's Gold 50 & 100 - Dahlonega, Georgia - August 20, 2011

Tomorrow is your last chance to secure one of the limited edition "Speedy Bike Club Dahlonega" shirts from Twin Six. If you have not registered, you better get with it. Like the 2011 Southern Cross shirt, this one is another Twin Six & Krautstache Design collaboration with the Fool's Gold race logo on the sleeve.  The shirts are black with metallic gold ink.  You know you want one. If you have already registered you all set and will receive your shirt when you check in for the race.

You are only guaranteed one of these shirts if you register by July 16.  Register now before you forget.  Want the shirt, but not the race?  You can do that through Bikereg.com as well.

Remember, the e-news is now available to view as the blog MILEAGE through the Anniston Star community blogging pages (psst...so is the ARC triathlon team news under Tri Talk). Click the link to take a look!

Have a great week!

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