Printable Coupons
by TheresaShadrix
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Here are some printable coupons available right now:


$1 off one loaf of Roman Meal Bread (Bricks)

$1 off 2 Cheerios (Bricks)

$1 off two Kraft cheese Natural Shredded cheese with touch of Philadelphia (Bricks)

$.75 off one Ritz Crackerfuls (Bricks)

$1 off one Adams Reserve Cheese  (PDF)


$1 off two Glad food storage products (Bricks)

Health & Beauty

$1 off one Bodycology Lotion or Body Wash (Facebook)

$1.50 off one full size Got2b product (Facebook)

$1 off one Orajel Children’s Toothpaste, Teething, Toothache or Mouthsore Product (SmartSource)

$1 off one AZO standard or maximum strength product (PDF)

$1 off one AZO Cranberry (PDF)


Organize Coupons
by TheresaShadrix
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A reader, Sandra, emailed me about coupons are taking over her house and asked how to manage them. Honestly, this is one of the most asked questions about couponing this week! 

My answer: Everyone has their own system in couponing. There is no right or wrong way. For beginner couponers and those with hectic schedules, I recommend filing the Red Plum, P&G, SmartSource inserts by date. Because the dates are written so small on the side of the inserts, write down the date in black ink on the front of the insert. Now, when you read match-ups on blogs, like and, the coupons you need will be easy to locate and clip.

Next, categorize the coupons you print in a binder, an inexpensive coupon organizer, shoebox or whatever is easiest and least expensive for you. Use things around your house and get creative!

Since you are shopping with a planned list, it won't be too much trouble for you to keep up with this system.

I hope this helps!


Practical Couponing
by TheresaShadrix
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After watching an episode of the reality television program, “Survivor”, would you actually consider being dropped off on a remote island to starve and strategize for survival? Or would you have the nerve to use your “shower singing” voice in front of a national audience, actually thinking you had a chance at a record contract? Probably the only reality show that you might try in real life is “Clean House” and even then you will probably get depressed after going through the first pile of clutter. 

So why is it that some people believe they can watch a reality show on TV about couponing and think it can be duplicated in their grocery store? Everyone knows that reality TV shows are not real, right? But yet, we still hope that there is a glimmer of realness in the programs. There is something in us that looks at these regular folks on TV who can bring a $1,000 grocery bill down to a $1 and we say, “Hey, that’s a good idea and I can do that!”

What I’m hearing from readers is that “good idea” often leads to frustration and they simply can’t get it together. For those of you who would like to attempt to duplicate what you are seeing on “that extreme show,” let me remind you that most things that are extreme are very risky and can be lead to death. I’m too much of a wimp to try anything too extreme. Especially in the grocery store.

The first thing you have to do in practical couponing is figure out what store you will shop and then learn all you can about the coupon policy and sales structure of that store. Go to the store website and print out the coupon policy. If you don’t have a computer, don’t be afraid to ask the manager or customer service desk. Then, shop the items that are on sale and pair those items with coupons.

Next, you should have a realistic goal about your shopping. Never go into a store without a plan of what you are buying. Every Sunday in The Anniston Star you can gather all of the store sales papers, like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid. Rather than driving to every store and hunting down all the sales papers, you can get them all at once. Plus, if you purchase a paper from outside of this area, you may not receive all the sales papers for our area. Then, look through them and circle the items that interest you most. Last, you can look through the coupons you have for the items you circled.

The grocery store circular’s, like Winn Dixie and Food Outlet, are in the weekly newspapers and in The Anniston Star every Wednesday. It’s the same process.
If you have a computer, many coupon blogs will do the matching work for you. Sites like will tell you what coupons can be matched with sales at Winn Dixie, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and others. But, not everyone has a computer. Honestly, it’s much easier if you have access to a computer to save yourself time. So, if you can, go to the local library and look up the match-ups on the mentioned websites and then write down what interests you on a piece of paper.

Whatever you do, make sure to learn the policies of the store, have a plan of what you are buying and match-up your coupons with the sales. And remember, instead of being extreme, just settle for practical. There is nothing wrong with being practical. A lot of practical people have changed the world. Practical people are the ones who often make the wisest choices. Practical is real life.

Do you have a question about couponing? Email me at Friend Clip2Save at

Winn Dixie preview
by TheresaShadrix
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Meat, Chicken, Pork, Fish
Sanderson Farms split chicken breasts ($2.99)
WD should blade steaks or country style pork ribs ($3.69)
WD boneless chicken breasts or tenderloins ($10.99)
Butterball deep fried turkey breasts ($3.99)
Eckrich meat franks or bologna ($3.49)
Mama Lucia Italian Style meatballs ($7.99)
Fisherman's Wharf whiting, grouper, flounder, perch or cod fillets ($7.99)

Dole shredded lettuce, iceberg or spinach ($2.99)
Breyers Ice Cream ($7.49)
General Mills cereal ($4.39)
Merita Old Fashioned bread ($4.19)
Pop-Secret popcorn ($4.29)
Doritos ($4.29)
2 liter 7 Up, A&W, RC Cola, Sun Drop or Diet Rite ($5.49)
Kool-Aid, Country Time or Crystal Light ($4.19)
Betty Crocker traditional brownie mix ($2.49)
Hostess Cupckaes or Twinkies ($4.29)
Blue Bird sugar donuts ($4.19)
Balsamic vinegar or Pompeian olive oil ($5.99)
WD long grain rice ($2.99)
WD black pepper, seasonings, sauces or gravies ($3.39)

Glade air freshener, candles or aerosol ($3.49)
Lysol wipes ($2.99)

Osteo Bi-Flex, Sundown or Ester-C ($40.99)
Glass Plus cleaner ($2.99)

OTHER SALES (These items are not BOGO)
fresh ground beef patties $2.99 lb
T-bone steaks $5.99 lb (limit 4)
Gain detergent $3.99
Softsoap hand soap $1
Scotch-Brite sponges $1
Ajax dish liquid $1

Fresh Produce
large peaches, nectarines $1.29 lb
large tomatoes $1.49 lb
extra large red cherries $2.99 lb
Rainier cherries $3.99
Dole iceberg lettuce head $.99
3 lb bag King Rustic or Red potatoes 2/$4
1 lb premium strawberries 2/$5
1 pint blueberries 2/$5
whole seedless watermelon $4.99

Buy (2) mix or match Bounty Basic or Charmin Basic 2/$15.98 get FREE

  • 3 pack Kleenex
  • Bounty napkins
  • Ziploc sandwich bags
  • WD snack bags
  • TopCare hand soap

Double Play

  • Get (1) FREE 16 oz Litehouse original caramel dip when you purchase (1) 3 lb bag of granny smith apples
  • Get (1) FREE 23 oz Hormel Country Crock mac-n-cheese when you purchase (1) 16 ct State Fair corn dog
  • Get (1) FREE 24 oz Pedigree MarroBone dog treats when you purchase (1) 3.5-4.4 lb bag Pedigree dog food
  • Get (1) FREE 7 lb Tidy Cats instant action scoorpable cat litter when you purchase (1) 3.5 lb bag Friskies dry cat food

Courtesy of The Jacksonville News

John Frieda money maker at CVS
by TheresaShadrix
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Many readers have been asking how to shop at drugstores when the stock is limited and the shelves are bare. I try to utilize rainchecks as often as possible and take advantage of month long deals, like the July deal: Get a $10 ECB when you purchase $20 of any Volumizing or Full Repair John Frieda items.

In my recent trip to CVS, I noticed the John Frieda items were cheaper than previous weeks, so I'm glad I waited. This deal is limited to 1 per month and ends Saturday.

This is what I purchased:

  • 2 John Frieda Full Repair products @ $6 each=$12
  • 1 John Frieda Full Repair products @ $8 each=$8

Coupons & ECBs:

  • Used (3) $5 off any John Frieda Full Repair products from the 6/5 SS=$15
  • $4 ECB from previous trip

Total=$20 - $19 in coupons/ECB = $1 plus $1.44  tax =$2.44 OOP

Received $10 ECB

That's a $7.56 money maker!



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