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What If You Had Never Heard? by JohnBagwell
Jul 07, 2012 |  0 comments | 34 34 recommendations | email to a friend
As I mentioned last week, I took my daughter with me on the J.S.U. campus because I wanted to show her how easy it could be to walk up to total strangers, have a conversation about salvation, and walk away without embarrassment, confrontation, or hurt feelings for anyone involved.  As it was part...
Could you have done it? by JohnBagwell
Jul 02, 2012 |  0 comments | 43 43 recommendations | email to a friend
Last week I talked a little bit about 2 questions I went around asking people, and said I would publish the results of those conversations this week, but before I do, I wanted to ask you if you could have named 10 brands of beer, or if you could have named the 10 Commandments.  For those of you w...
942Q_IMG_3787.JPG Trying Times for Gardeners by SherryBlanton
Jul 01, 2012 |  0 comments | 24 24 recommendations | email to a friend
These are hard days for gardeners. We have talked about the heat to everyone we meet and we are suffering through it as I write these words. I can’t remember days of continual 100 plus temperatures, This kind of heat probably has happened in other years, but, like many other bad memories, I have ...
Our Big Competition by StarEditorBobDavis
Jun 29, 2012 |  0 comments | 70 70 recommendations | email to a friend
A group of community leaders joined us at the offices of The Star yesterday afternoon to discuss next steps in the Our Big Problem series on obesity. We had a fast-paced hour discussing ways our community can wrestle with the frightening statistics that show Alabama is among the fattest states in...
The VBS That Changed My Life by JanCase
Jun 28, 2012 |  0 comments | 32 32 recommendations | email to a friend
The memory bank of most Southerners has a file for Vacation Bible School. Every summer for over half a century, children have spent a week at church playing games, eating cookies, making crafts, singing, and hearing Bible stories. Many of us would attend the one at our own church and then go to a...
Superacion personal by PaulRoss7
Jun 27, 2012 |  0 comments | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend
La superacion personal desde siempre ha sido la llave que abre las puertas del éxito. Es la mejor forma conocida hasta ahora de ser el mejor. Esto implica algo de esfuerzo y sacrificio, pues hay que trabajar de forma continua aprendiendo nuevas habilidades. Y tampoco es fácil cambiar paradigmas a...
Music by BrianRobinson
Jun 25, 2012 |  0 comments | 35 35 recommendations | email to a friend
     Every family has good days and bad days in life.  Some of them will be known by a kind of memory jogger - that day we saw the deer, that night when the car died, that great dinner we had that one time and (for those of you with newborns or, like us, kids who fight sleep and cats who wake ear...
Conversation for Starters by JohnBagwell
Jun 23, 2012 |  0 comments | 27 27 recommendations | email to a friend
Had a conversation with a co-worker on Friday a few hours before the day was over.  I simply asked a question and now I'll ask it to you: Can you name at least 10 separate brands of beer?  My coworker immediately launched into a list that within 30 seconds encompassed some names I was familiar wi...
'Color Guard' Yucca in a container garden Join the Master Gardeners for Lunch and Learn by SherryBlanton
Jun 23, 2012 |  0 comments | 19 19 recommendations | email to a friend
  YOU’ RE INVITED TO LUNCH & LEARN - A series of  free gardening programs sponsored  by Calhoun County Master Gardeners & Calhoun County Commission.  Held the 4 th Wednesday of each month at the  Cane Creek Community Garden at McClellan.  Noon-1pm ~ bring your own lunch! May 23 rd June 27 th “Suc...
Flooded by BrianRobinson
Jun 22, 2012 |  0 comments | 31 31 recommendations | email to a friend
     There seems to be a cosmic rule for us.      If it's supposed to be a Big Day, things will go wrong.      Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving...      Father's Day.      I was just going to take it easy, minimize the risk.  Plus, heck, I'm old and tired and it's been a LONG mont...

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