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by bmdubya
Aug 21, 2012 |  0 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend
Mary Klinefelter is in an election for the city of anniston's school council. Please be aware that this lady is the owner of 1236 edmondson drive and is a slum lord. Please take the time to ride by this property and view how this lady takes care of her rental property. Please note, this neighborh...
Dejar de ser flaco by Vanda7
Aug 21, 2012 |  0 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend
En realidad para muchos es bueno, pero para un hombre ser demasiado flaco es malo. No luces poderoso, no impresionas a las chicas. Por lo tanto, debes comenzar a trabajar de forma constante haciendo pesas y con las rutinas adecuadas, para poder llegar a tener el cuerpo que siempre has soñado. 
Two mugs of Back Forty's Kudzu Porter sit on the counter at Cooter Brown's Rib Shack. Kudzu takes over by Ben_Cunningham
Aug 21, 2012 |  0 comments | 27 27 recommendations | email to a friend
I stopped by Cooter Brown's Rib Shack in Jacksonville last night, for the last few minutes of Back Forty Beer 's tap takeover. The restaurant had added Back Forty's Kudzu Porter to its row of tap handles for the evening (the Gadsden brewery's Naked Pig Pale Ale, Freckle Belly IPA and Truck Stop H...
Another round by Ben_Cunningham
Aug 20, 2012 |  0 comments | 19 19 recommendations | email to a friend
A lot can change in four years. At the end of 2008, I said goodbye to Pitcher This , the column and blog I'd started the year before about beer. For most of the time I spent writing about beer back then, there were no breweries bottling beer in Alabama. Today there are at least nine. People in th...
Hummingbird Fueling Station Hummingbirds by SherryBlanton
Aug 20, 2012 |  0 comments | 25 25 recommendations | email to a friend
There is a battle raging under our kitchen window. A small group of hummingbirds seem to be waging a war to have dibs on the feeder. I have read that hummingbirds are a bit territorial and can be aggressive with each other when it comes to sharing the feeder. For many years for that very reason w...
Applying The Cure by JohnBagwell
Aug 18, 2012 |  0 comments | 40 40 recommendations | email to a friend
Imagine a person with symptoms they have been dealing with their entire life.  Every year, they are more and more miserable.  Something is making them severely sick, but they refuse to go to a doctor.  They never really know what is wrong, but they do their best to treat their symptoms their own ...
What's brewing by Ben_Cunningham
Aug 17, 2012 |  0 comments | 22 22 recommendations | email to a friend
So, here’s the first entry at The Bitter End, my return to beer reportage for The Star. I’ll post a more complete introduction later, but right now there’s actual news to report. There are three beer events coming up in Calhoun County in the next few weeks, one of them in just a few days.  Monday...
Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia. by ojelhtc
Aug 17, 2012 |  0 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend
Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia Ada baiknya juga kalau kita lebih akrab berkenalan dahulu dengan SITTI sebagai Situs Iklan Internet Murah Efektif Berkualitas Indonesia ini. SITTI adalah Sebuah Start Up lokal Yang bergerak sebagai  penyedia layanan di bidang periklan Kontekstual...
What book(s) influenced you? by StarEditorBobDavis
Aug 16, 2012 |  0 comments | 71 71 recommendations | email to a friend
Since Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his VP, the books of Ayn Rand have become a trending topic. That's because U.S. Rep. Ryan, R-Wisc., has famously and repeatedly cited Rand's works as highly influential in his development.  In a 2005 speech Ryan said: "[T]he reason I got involved in public ...
shamballa bracelet----cheap but impressive christmas gift by PCLinuxOS
Aug 14, 2012 |  0 comments | 12 12 recommendations | email to a friend
Can't decide what to put on your christmas list?If you are looking for the cheap but impressive christmas gifts,it is something that you get what you pay for.But this does not hold true for gifts.Price alone does not justify its value.A gift conveying personal concern for the recipients can reall...

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