My friend and I love discussing or debating a diverse number of subjects, ranging from current issues, historical facts, whether Bigfoot exists and other peculiar topics. Recently, however, he struck a serious, vital nerve that is about to make me be mean to him.

After five years of friendship, he banned me in mid-sentence from continuing to express my opinion. The fact that he actually thought he could do that makes me giggle, but here is a brief synopsis of the discussion.

Something had been on TV regarding African-Americans not supporting or being loyal to this country and a desire to be relocated to the motherland of their ancestors. My friend said he shouldn’t support or participate politically in a country that allowed the vicious suffering that occurred through slavery. I have always respected my friend’s opinions, regardless of whether I agreed or not. So, I seriously needed to respond or explode.

This is my big, controversial and forbidden opinion. I agree that any African-American who desires to be returned to their ancestral homeland should be able to and our government should finance the entire cost. No requirements, only a desire to disconnect from this country to return to the motherland. One stipulation, however. Should you desire to return to America, that is your financial responsibility. You also will have to apply for citizenship as you were the one who was so disgusted with this country that you chose to abandon.

Sarah Byrd