Presidential administrations stretching from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama operated under a diplomatic structure known as the One China policy. This steady order may be in for volatile changes when Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.

The first hours after a bittersweet football season ends often breed fits of analysis, armchair-quarterbacking as they may be. That’s certainly the case with the Jacksonville State Gamecocks, a champion-level team that didn’t play like one Saturday.

The Center for Domestic Preparedness is a vital part of McClellan redevelopment and the nation’s response to disasters and attacks. But recent questions about the CDP’s methods of protecting workers and trainees from deadly toxins deserve a thorough investigation.

President-elect Donald Trump and the company that bears his name are confronted by a massive ethical challenge as he heads to the White House. Given Trump’s vast and widespread financial interests at home and abroad, conflicts between carrying out the duties of his public office and the push…

Here in Alabama, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions and the difficult parts of his past are embedded recollections. We know them well. But now that President-elect Donald Trump has nominated our state’s junior senator to be the U.S. attorney general, Sessions’ past is being flayed open all across the land.

It’s looking like the easiest part of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union came on June 23 of this year. That was the day British voters by a narrow margin decided to sever 40-year-old ties with the EU.

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