John Wheeler was an exuberant man. At dinners with old friends or welcoming strangers, anyone who benefitted from his company would leave the encounter with a sense that they had been in touch with a forceful personality — a wholly affirmative one. The French have just the right word, bonhomie.

If the ban on the Russian track and field team competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics sticks -- and, according to the international agencies policing performance-enhancing drug use, it appears it will -- then at least those athletes will be free from the Zika-related risks others face ahead of A…

From a village out in the county comes a letter (printed in The Star) by a Bible-reading man of Trumpian ferocity, cussing me personally for my outrageous belief that the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court should obey rulings of the U. S. Supreme Court.

The hard-fought campaign over Britain’s membership in the European Union has been eclipsed by our own contentious presidential race. Not many ordinary Americans have expressed much interest in yesterday’s “Brexit” vote. I have only one friend among many smart ones who seems at all familiar w…

The Leave campaign won the referendum on withdrawing Britain from the European Union because the arguments on which the Remain side relied made Leave’s case. The Remain campaign began with a sham, was monomaniacal with its Project Fear, and ended in governmental thuggishness.

It turns out that the bathroom at Target is a much safer place than the driveway of the mayor of Oxford. At least that was the case for an Anniston Star reporter who was attacked and threatened by a city employee two weeks ago.

High-powered, semi-automatic guns are a household necessity, like milk and eggs and laundry detergent. That’s what the National Rifle Association wants us to believe. Don’t just own one military-grade weapon designed to kill humans on the battlefield. Buy two! Or three!

As everybody in America but Bernie Sanders knows, we now have two official candidates. Voters now must ponder what policies a President Clinton or President Trump would pursue to shape the country.

CNN marked its 36th birthday on the first day of this month. How old is the Cable News Network? Jimmy Carter was president on the day it launched, as I was reminded recently when watching a YouTube video of its debut.

Blame it on Vaughn Stewart III. His dad, VSII, is Anniston’s mayor, the man elected three-plus years ago to keep the city from sinking further into oblivion. On Wednesday, the mayor told the world he didn’t want to be saddled with inexhaustable City Hall chores for another four years, so he’s sitting out the August election. Call that what it is: a bonafide shocker, not nearly like Nick Saban quitting Alabama, but a shocker nonetheless. He came to this “moment of clarity,” as he called it, after returning from his son’s wedding last weekend in Maryland.

BOSTON -- The holiday weekend just passed began on a low note for me. On the plane bound for Boston and Wellesley’s 139th graduation, I read a column by one of the most respected conservative columnists in the country, David Brooks. He ruefully posited that today’s graduates are assaulted by…

Not so long ago, it was easy to think of Bernie Sanders fondly as an old socialist dreaming the dreams of youth, and adding emphasis to Democrats’ view of inequality and a better deal for the middle class.

In our nation’s capital, just inside the doors to the White House at the East Wing entrance, hang two large framed photographs. They are images of the president of the United States walking alongside some of the pillars of America’s civil rights movement. That photo was taken last year in Se…

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