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September 2, 2014

Op-Ed Columns

H. Brandt Ayers: V. Putin like G. Wallace

It looks very likely that we will be in a tense Cold War II with Russia, at least until the end of the Putin regime, whenever that may be.

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Sunday 08/31/2014
Bob Davis: The freakout over Obama's 'gaffe'
Posted: August 31, 2014

Thirty years ago this summer, commentator Michael Kinsley set the bar when it comes to defining a political gaffe. Kinsley wrote, “a ‘gaffe’ occurs not when a politician lies, but when he tells the truth.”

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Thursday 08/28/2014
Phillip Tutor: No looting, burning or killing
Posted: August 28, 2014

David Baker, head of Calhoun County’s NAACP chapter, stood in front of a microphone Wednesday in Oxford and stated the obvious. Someone had to say it.

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Wednesday 08/27/2014
Hardy Jackson: Always room for Jell-O
Posted: August 27, 2014

The college football season begins Thursday night. South Carolina vs. Texas A&M.

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Sunday 08/24/2014
H. Brandt Ayers: Of dogs, rabbits and Ferguson
Posted: August 24, 2014

As a newspaper publisher in a city the size of Ferguson, Mo., during the civil rights movement, I have a sympathetic understanding of their problems, and a bit of advice their leaders might find helpful.

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Bob Davis: The groovy, newsy '70s, in all their glory
Posted: August 24, 2014

I’m currently working my way through Rick Perlstein’s incredible new book, The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan.

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Thursday 08/21/2014
Phillip Tutor: In prep football, consider the numbers
Updated: August 22, 2014 - 5:42 am

It’s convenient to wax eloquently about high school football and everything it represents: the community spirit, the making-men-out-of-boys cliche, the damnable and ever-increasing pressure of Friday Night Lights.

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Wednesday 08/20/2014
Hardy Jackson: The most dangerous beach job
Posted: August 20, 2014

They don’t have an official name.

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Sunday 08/17/2014
Bob Davis: Finebaum, slightly above the chaos
Updated: August 17, 2014 - 6:01 am

I asked my wife, Do you know who Paul Finebaum is?

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H. Brandt Ayers: Power held too long
Posted: August 17, 2014

At a dinner party recently, a well-informed woman observed, “From the Ukraine to the Middle East, I don’t remember us having so many problems all at the same time.”

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Friday 08/15/2014
Phillip Tutor: Our schools, and our hopes for them
Updated: August 15, 2014 - 6:01 am

“It would be interesting to be around, 40 or 50 years from now, and to look back with another generation on the decades that are to come with the new Anniston High School and those who, through its doors, will go out and into life.” 

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Wednesday 08/13/2014
Hardy Jackson: De Soto slept here
Posted: August 13, 2014

In October 1540, at the Indian town of Mabila, soldiers of Hernando de Soto clashed with the forces of Chief Tascaluza. When the fighting was done, one Spaniard estimated that between 2,500 and 5,000 Indians lay dead. If the count is anywhere close to correct, this was the bloodiest battle fought on North American soil until Union and Confederate armies slaughtered each other at Shiloh.

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Sunday 08/10/2014
H. Brandt Ayers: Fair and accurate
Posted: August 10, 2014

In the waiting room of your doctor’s office you will find an out-of-date People magazine and a TV set locked permanently on Fox News. You’re likely to find something entertaining in both media.

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Bob Davis: Health insurance as a political issue
Posted: August 10, 2014

While it’s nerve-wracking for residents in and around Calhoun County, the public dispute between Regional Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama is a ready-made campaign issue for a savvy politician.

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Thursday 08/07/2014
Phillip Tutor: Dreaming about Anniston's brand
Posted: August 07, 2014

Deep inside Anniston’s City Hall, on a conference-room wall easy to overlook, hangs a framed print. It resembles something you’d see in a doctor’s office. But its symbolism is profound.

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Wednesday 08/06/2014
Hardy Jackson: Letter from the IRS
Posted: August 06, 2014

Before I get started, let me say that my mama, a long-time employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, taught me that to be a good American I had to follow the rules set down by the elected representatives in Washington and the agencies acting on their behalf. That is what she did, and so should I.

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Sunday 08/03/2014
Bob Davis: How to build a community over 5,000 meters
Updated: August 04, 2014 - 4:13 am

Things were hopping late Friday morning at Wig’s Wheels bike shop. On the eve of the annual Woodstock 5K road race, competitors were picking up their race numbers and T-shirts.

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Saturday 08/02/2014
H. Brandt Ayers: Putin: Friend of a friend?
Posted: August 02, 2014

Searching the Internet for clues to the character of Vladimir Putin, I was mildly shocked by the possibility that we may have an acquaintance in common.

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Friday 08/01/2014
GUEST COLUMN: Schoolhouse on the sand
Posted: August 01, 2014

By Larry Lee

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Wednesday 07/30/2014
HARDY JACKSON: Praise the Lord, it’s almost August
Posted: July 30, 2014

Years ago, when agriculture dominated Alabama, the month of August was known for three things.

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Sunday 07/27/2014
H. Brandt Ayers: '... God bless America'
Posted: July 27, 2014

If you went to the beach this summer, it never occurred to you to scan the sky and stare at the sea with dread when your children played in the sand for fear that, without warning, a missile would turn them into a scattering of body parts.

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