The Jacksonville City Council’s wasting of $1 million on a competition gym at the proposed new elementary school site reveals a complete lack of basic accounting skills. Like some sort of financial astigmatism, our council has a flaw in the lens through which it views the world. For some reason, this flaw prevents our town from looking a mere 13 miles north to the neighboring community of Piedmont and the dire problems faced by that town as a result of mismanagement, wasteful spending and ostentation.

Despite Mayor Johnny Smith’s warning, three of our five council members saw fit to abandon fiscal responsibility in favor of adding to an already massive boondoggle that threatens to plunge our town into bankruptcy. I guess Mark Jones, Jerry Parris and Jonathan Tompkins believe it better to end their political careers than actually give ear to the voice of wisdom urging caution.

From nasty letters from board of education members to Auburn University, to sneak votes after executive sessions on the part of the council, to constantly shifting plans that have still failed to address what will be done with the current Kitty Stone Elementary School campus, this entire affair has been scandalous.

I urge my fellow citizens to consider their votes carefully. We the people, so long ignored by the bulk of this council and their cronies on the board of education, have the power to fix these problems, but only if we get out and vote.

Victor T. Cypert