The Obama administration initially offered “hope and change,” but we’ve only received the “fundamental” change President Obama promised. This mephitic group of leaders have led us down a primrose path, Congress included. Every week or less, we are assaulted by another “phony scandal” which even the media have finally begun to see through.

A new terrorist nation has formed in parts of Syria and most of Iraq, where precious American lives were wasted. Obama traded five serious killers for an ineffectual deserter, if not worse, a misfit who was kicked out of the Coast Guard, and the president celebrated that event on the White House steps.

Afghanistan is next on the insipid agenda. The myopic outlook on the Mideast is enough to make one question the drone and African strategy as well.

One must scoff at comedienne Hillary Clinton’s answer the question of her greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State when she dared say she had returned the United States to a prominent place and regained the respect lost under the Bush administration. The second Bush term did not help us, but this transparent bunch has reduced our great nation to a feeble shadow of the past.

Are any of you ready to take in the children sent from our Southern borders, which are as secure as a sieve, so they can live the American Dream and bring in every one of their relatives?

Independent voters should be the majority. George Washington and James Madison thought that there should be no party affiliations, and they seem to have been correct. Ronald Reagan once said, “I did not leave the Democratic Party. They left me.” I, too, am in his corner, although I am an independent because I trust no one. Look at Eric Cantor’s humiliation. D.C. is not the answer.

The answer is We the People. Hillary in two and a half years from now? Bah.

What difference does it make?

Otis Hunter

Anniston and Venice, Fla.