On Aug. 16, Hobson City knocked a home run with the celebration that took place in its park. As a former resident of Hobson City, I must say that the celebration of Founders Day was one of the best events I have witnessed in Hobson City.

Hobson City is a struggling municipality, but it has much to be proud of. The thing that made it so memorable is that everyone was so full of happiness and unity. As I walked around the various areas, I stopped counting at about a thousand people. I originally had planned to go and spend about an hour, but the fun and hospitality was so spirited that I stayed four and a half hours.

To the naysayers about Hobson City, there were events for every age. The children had bouncing rides, and the music was plentiful and appropriate. There also were several ethnic groups represented — Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, blacks and whites — all socializing and mingling together. There were people from Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and I’m sure other places.

My heart was full of joy just to hear people inviting you to come and join them and share their fun and food. This is the kind of involvement Hobson City and other cities really need. Yes, Calhoun County sheriff’s deputies were there, but they were not needed to enforce any action.

Thank you, Hobson City, for sponsoring such a memorable Founders Day outing. And to our Anniston and surrounding residents who shared in the gala, thank you for your participation. I hope the planning committee, the mayor and the council are already planning for next year. You did a spectacular job planning this event. For those who missed this occasion, you missed a treat.

Bobby Malone