Re “Return public records to The Star’s print edition” (Speak Out, July 17):

It took many letters to The Anniston Star and years to finally get the public records removed from the printed Sunday paper. They never should have been published in the Life section of the paper unless they were published with the legal ads in the classified section.

The section that letter writer Ricky Chumbler so eagerly anticipated each week caused embarrassment, bullying, heartaches and much more to the people involved. I do agree that the crime section of the records and restaurants inspections should be somewhere in the paper like they used to be. They are things we need to be aware of, but anything else I disagree with.

The people arrested may have already been released and you need to know of their crimes, especially if it is because a child offender hasn’t notified the proper authority. The notification and location of crimes can make persons in that area remember that crime does happen, possibly down the street from them.

People having to file bankruptcy, divorcing, having their home foreclosed on and such are already going through an emotional time. No one knows the circumstances behind their problems. Maybe medical bills or the loss of employment caused bankruptcy or losing their homes, but it isn’t your or my business. Children, teenagers and others can be cruel to those going through the pain of losing the stability they knew by embarrassment, gossip, bullying and harassment.

Mr. Chumbler, why was this section so important to you? Do you thrive on the misery of others? The Star has finally done the correct thing. If you or anyone has to snoop, just look it up or, better yet, go look it up yourself at the courthouse.

Anne Sutton