Re “Mall, Oxford Police owe arrested preachers apology” (Speak Out, June 25):

I was rendered almost speechless when I read the words of letter writer Carl Dean Taylor: “The extreme leftists, along with President Obama, should be booted out of this country.” Mercy, Carl, I had no idea President Obama was at the mall. I hope you have contacted Fox News Channel about his hanging out there.

I do not think our nation has descended into anarchy because these officers did their job. Quite the contrary. I’d also like to say that expecting citizens, preachers included, to obey laws and ordinances is not “political correctness,” it’s called “obeying the law.” It’s what a civilized society does.

The chief of police explained, “Police officers do not write or pass the laws. They take an oath to protect.” I’d like to add that they do have an obligation to enforce laws. Why would you expect the officers to do otherwise? The preacher(s) was asked to leave private property and he refused. Officers made numerous attempts to persuade the “preacher(s)” to leave the property. They were told if they continued to refuse they would be arrested — the individual turned around and put his hands behind his back thus refusing compliance, giving the officers no choice but to enforce the law.

Why do you feel anyone should be “booted” from our country, the United States of America, not of King Carl? Take care, Carl, have a great day and bless your heart.

D.T. Reach