Sept. 23, 1941, in The Star: Two state highway patrolmen, W. W. Waites and M. C. Keith, are now on duty here giving tests for people who do not have driver’s licenses. They operate from the office of Probate Judge S. Elbert Boozer. The patrolmen hope people come in immediately for tests so that the main portion of those for whom tests are required will have completed them before October 1. Meantime, Judge Boozer has asked that all drivers get their licenses before the first of the month. The people have been cooperating fairly well lately and there is a crowd in the probate office almost every hour of the day.

Sept. 23, 1991, in The Star: Bright blue ribbons topped with gold stickers were to go home with Anniston elementary school children today in a final reminder that tomorrow is the day their voting parents must decide on Anniston’s proposed 18-mill property tax increase for the schools. Passage of the tax would free the financially strapped city of Anniston from its $1 million per year burden of aiding the schools.