Oxford police announced Thursday they were looking for a man they believe killed two horses earlier this year.

According to Oxford police Chief Bill Partridge, a felony arrest warrant has been issued for Brandon Kyle Salers, 22, of Oxford in connection with the deaths of two horses on McIntosh Road in February.

Oxford police Capt. L.G. Owens said he couldn’t comment on how Salers became a suspect, citing the ongoing investigation.

Owens said the horses were killed with a firearm, most likely a rifle. Killing livestock is a felony in Alabama, punishable by at least one year in prison.

“This was the malicious killing of a defenseless animal,” Owens said. “There’s absolutely no sportsmanship involved.”

He was able to confirm that there were no other animal killings connected with the February incident.

Renee Rice, the owner of the horses —  named Twinkle and Penny — told The Star in February that she reported the incident to police after she and family members found Penny, her youngest daughter’s horse, lying motionless on the ground.

Anyone with information about Salers should call the Oxford Police Department at 256-831-3121, or use the tip line at 256-835-6122.