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RICHARD SHIPMAN is a local operations lineman for Alabama Power Company. What he does is drive a big old truck with a bucket and answer trouble calls.

But in his next life, Richard could work for an EMT as a first responder for all sorts of troubles that haunt our daily lives, especially automobile accidents.

He has had some experience with such.

Back on March 9, there was a terrible accident on U. S. 431 in Alexandria. Shipman was the first to reach one of the cars.

“I couldn’t get in one door so I tried another,” he recalls. “I felt the man’s pulse. He didn’t have one.”

His admiration for those who work such is huge.

“I really didn’t do anything,” he says. “Before I could get to the other vehicle, a state trooper was on hand, county deputies in minutes. Their response was amazing.”

Now go back with me to Oct. 5, 2001.

There is a terrible accident on U. S. 431 where Lenlock Lane intersects. A huge truck, ignoring a red light, slammed into the side of an SUV containing my son, two grandsons, and another youngster.

My youngest grandson and his buddy were ejected.

Shipman, sitting in the Winn Dixie parking lot, was the first to reach my grandson. It was really a terrible accident and my grandson was hospitalized for a couple of days.

But all survived.

Life does have its twists and turns, does it not?


BIRTHDAYS: April 14 – Sue Cotton; April 18—Rick Burke; April 19 – Ann Bell Perry and Holder Willingham.



Recently I mentioned a gift shop in Ephesus, Turkey, that touted “Genuine Fake Watches.” I’d never heard of Ephesus, Turkey, but local attorney Patrick Hughes has been there:

“During the summer of 1974, before my senior year at Alabama, I worked for the Chamber of Commerce in Istanbul, Turkey.

“I was able to visit Troy, Ephesus and many other interesting places ... Greece and Turkey went to war over Cyprus that summer and the Turkish border was shut down.

“I was lucky to make it out on the last day the border was open for it was shut down the next day”

“I made it back in time to start my senior year (at Alabama).

Like I said, small world ...


QUOTABLE: “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.”

                ― Groucho Marx


TOP TEEN: Meet Frederick Montez Boyd, a senior at Saks High School where his 3.98 GPA puts him near the top of the Class of ’14. He also has a very solid 24 on his ACT.

Frederick is a leader at the high school his classmates have made him president of the senior class and vice-president of the National Honor Society.

He also is captain of the school’s Wildcat Band, another testimonial to his popularity with his classmates. And he is on the Problem Solving Team and in the SADD Club as well.

In the fall, young Mr. Boyd plans to enter the University of Alabama in Huntsville and work toward a degree in aerospace engineering.

“Frederick exhibits professionalism and poise in everything he does,” says Nikita Sherer, high school counselor. “Because of his ambition, determination and quest for knowledge, I believe he will attain all his goals.”

Proud grandparents are George and Charity Teague, Taylor Crossing, Ohatchee.

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