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1789 Residents of Paris storm the Bastille; the revolution is on.

1933 A new edict makes the Nazi Party the only legal political party in Germany.

1969 U.S. paper money in the denominations of $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 are officially withdrawn from circulation. And we’re all the poorer for it.

In The Star

July 14, 1939, in The Star: Anniston suffered in the grip of a most debilitating heat wave today as the thermometer threatened to top the season’s previous high of 95 before relief arrives. Morning lows are above 70; sweltering residents have been spending sleepless nights tossing in their beds or perhaps gaining small relief through electric fans. Also this date: Grocery stores have been opening on Sundays lately, generating complaints which have caught the attention of Anniston Police Chief Lawrence Peek. The city’s top cop says he’s going to start enforcing the Sunday closure law on grocery stores even if arrests have to be made. Additionally: Horace Sams Jr. of Gadsden, 14-year-old grandson of R. A. Sams of Alexandria, will preach at the Baptist church in Alexandria this coming Sunday.

July 14, 1989, in The Star: The new artistic director of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, a Mississippi-born son of a Baptist minister, says he wants to bring ''passion and excitement'' to the theater's productions, which he hopes will include plays by Southern and black authors. Kent Thompson, 34, who has 10 years national free-lance directing experience, was named yesterday to the ASF post. He replaces Martin Platt, who founded the festival in Anniston. Platt is leaving after 17 years with the festival to pursue other projects. ''I regard this as an extraordinary moment in my life,'' Thompson said at the announcement press conference late Thursday afternoon. ''I'm taking over a very healthy theater, and that's a wonderful feeling.'' Also this date: Anniston Police Chief Wayne Chandler told the Anniston Kiwanis Club yesterday that his department faces a difficult task trying to keep officers from leaving for more pay. ''We were at the top (in pay rates) for cities our size some time ago, but in the last two years, we've dropped down around the middle of the pack somewhere,'' said the chief who, incidentally, turned 49 yesterday. ''Most of the officers here are $1,000 to $1,200 a year lower in pay than other cities our size.” The department now has 81 officers, the same as in 1978.

Birthdays for July 14

Actress Polly Bergen is 84. Former NFL player Roosevelt Grier is 82. Actress Jane Lynch is 54. Baseball player Tim Hudson is 39.

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