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July 22, 2014


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Anniston needs grant for airport signage upgrades

Anniston's airport could lose the majority of its funding if the city does not obtain a $400,000 grant to improve federally required signs there.

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Monday 07/21/2014
Outside judge likely in case of Anniston attorney facing murder-for-hire charges
Updated: July 21, 2014 - 6:01 pm

A Calhoun County judge said Monday he will likely request a colleague from outside the area hear a case against an Anniston attorney charged in an alleged murder-for-hire plot.

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Anniston schools starting year-long initiative to improve attendance
Updated: July 21, 2014 - 2:54 pm

The system is planning a year-long program, beginning with a community summit meeting Thursday, that will include education for students and parents on the importance of attendance, incentive initiatives at every school to encourage students to attend class and better attendance monitoring of the entire district.

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Sunday 07/20/2014
UAB study: Residents more tornado-ready than in 2011
Updated: July 20, 2014 - 1:23 am

In 2010, the state’s Department of Public Health asked a randomly-selected group of Jefferson County residents if they had on hand specific items needed for a storm readiness kit.

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Three years after tornadoes, work remains on Alabama’s storm-preparedness to-do list
Updated: July 20, 2014 - 1:45 am

Ron Gray, a member of the recovery council, said the panel proposed a mix of simple and complex resolutions, some that could be implemented reasonably quickly and some that would require more time.

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George Smith: A porch and eggs in Abanda
Updated: July 20, 2014 - 1:02 am

George Smith's column for Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Friday 07/18/2014
Former Anniston businessman Joe Zicarelli, 90, dies
Updated: July 19, 2014 - 12:35 am

Joe Zicarelli, former owner of the downtown Anniston business Joe Zic & Company, died Tuesday, a few months after having surgery for a fractured hip. He was 90.

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Justice Department needs to approve consolidation plans, attorney tells Anniston school board
Updated: July 18, 2014 - 12:33 am

"My plan is to provide them with all the information that we have — the more they have, the more trust we give them," said attorney Burgin Kent. "It's better for everyone to get on board at the start."

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County beautification award winners announced
Updated: July 18, 2014 - 6:57 pm

The Calhoun County Beautification Board held its annual awards luncheon Friday at the Anniston Country Club. Selected in this year’s batch of winners were locations ranging from residential to commercial properties. Joshua and Jillian Bridges, a sibling duo from Saks, provided music as guest arrived.

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Go-kart beginner build
Updated: July 18, 2014 - 7:25 pm

Parents, teachers, and even a few lunchroom workers came out to Anniston High School Friday morning to watch Anniston middle school students test out a go-kart they built as part of a science camp program.

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Historic church gets steeple repair, roofers get an audience
Updated: July 18, 2014 - 7:18 pm

Roofer David Alonso had an audience on Friday, as people strolling down Leighton Avenue stopped to watch him and his coworkers finish shingling the steeple at First Christian Church of Anniston. The steeple is almost 110 feet tall, but that didn’t scare Alonso.

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Thursday 07/17/2014
Anniston man killed crossing street
Updated: July 17, 2014 - 5:30 pm

An Anniston man was struck and killed by a car while crossing Quintard Avenue on Wednesday, police say.

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Alabama Power Foundation awards tree-planting grants to Anniston, Jacksonville, JSU
Updated: July 17, 2014 - 5:37 pm

The Alabama Power Foundation has awarded $1,000 grants to the Anniston Museum of Natural History, the city of Jacksonville and Jacksonville State University to purchase and plant trees.

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Wednesday 07/16/2014
Officials, candidate question number of absentee votes
Updated: July 17, 2014 - 1:05 am

County officials say Tuesday night’s primary runoff produced an unusually high number of absentee votes. A local candidate, however, doesn’t think there were nearly enough.

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Boy recovering from accidental shooting while visiting Anniston
Updated: July 16, 2014 - 9:12 pm

An 11-year-old returned to Chicago Wednesday from a visit to Anniston, but only after receiving treatment for a gunshot wound caused by an accidental shooting, police say.

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Local Red Cross eyeing Anniston schools as storm shelters
Updated: July 17, 2014 - 3:09 pm

During its meeting last week, the Anniston Board of Education approved an agreement with the Calhoun-Cleburne chapter of the American Red Cross, allowing the organization to use up to five schools as potential shelters.

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Tuesday 07/15/2014
Wilson wins Democratic nomination in District 1 runoff
Updated: July 15, 2014 - 10:22 pm

With 10 of 11 precincts counted on Tuesday night, the incumbent Calhoun County Commissioner from District 1 won in a landslide in the runoff contest for the Democratic nomination against challenger James Montgomery.

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Voter turnout not as low as expected in Anniston area
Updated: July 15, 2014 - 1:25 pm

Voter turnout in Calhoun County has been better than expected so far, workers at one Anniston polling place say. By 9 a.m. at the Anniston Mental Health Center, 21 voters had turned in their ballots in today’s runoff elections.

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Monday 07/14/2014
Anniston council approves money for gun buyback
Updated: July 14, 2014 - 9:07 pm

The Anniston City Council voted unanimously Monday to give a local organization $10,000 to conduct a gun buyback, a move that advocates hope will reduce violent crime in the city.

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Redstone Arsenal workers visit Army Depot
Posted: July 14, 2014

Anniston Army Depot officials this week invited dozens of employees from the Army Material Command in Huntsville’s Redstone Arsenal to tour the local facility.

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Sunday 07/13/2014
Devoted community flocks to bluegrass event
Updated: July 13, 2014 - 1:32 am

Saturday's show started off as just a anniversary event for the Alexandria band, but blossomed into a festival when word got out about the Calhoun County concert.

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