Beautiful Bella was born deaf, but this 3-year-old boxer dominates at tug-of-war and greets visitors in typical canine fashion without missing a beat.

“Bella’s entire body wags when she’s happy,” says pet mom Carrie Elkins. “And she’s always happy when new people come to visit.”

From the first day in her furever home in Heflin, Bella’s family knew she was special. “I just immersed myself in anything I could find on caring for a deaf dog,” recalls Carrie. The family even created a unique one-hand sign language for her so she can understand commands just like any other dog.

Bella and her sister Twiggi, a 2-year-old English bulldog, “make a good pair,” says Carrie. Twiggi helps her stay on top of doggie duties like racing to the door when the bell rings.

“They’re kind of like typical adolescent sisters. They get jealous every now and then,” Carrie says. “They love to play outside ... I work from home so they have a bed set up in (my office) where they sleep together during the day