There is no truer adage in the political world than “all politics is local.” therefore, the best politics and the best governing in the state is at the local level. The mayors of cities and towns throughout Alabama are the real governors of the state.

The Boat Shop Press will publish Theron Montgomery’s latest book, The End of the Legend of Jared Snead, due out this fall. It is not autobiographical, according to the author, but it certainly has themes that have tugged at Montgomery’s heart in the past.

Checking out books from a bookmobile evokes warm memories from many readers in Northeast Alabama. Two local librarians understand that tradition probably more than anyone else. Combined, they have had more than 60 years of experience driving bookmobiles.

I am a lot of things: a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Methodist, vice president of the JSU Honors Program. I’m obsessed with “Harry Potter” and glitter and the color pink, and I have a bigger crush on Nick Jonas than the average 20-year-old arguably should. I’m compassionate and energetic. I’m loud. I can’t sing, but I’ll sing along to everything from show tunes to Ed Sheeran’s raps. I don’t mind that stores put out Christmas decorations in October, and I take the holiday very seriously.

I was, like most children growing up in Calhoun during the 1950s and 60s, fascinated by a person who shot and dismembered two brothers and threw their body parts out the window of a car across three Alabama counties. Viola Hyatt’s murderous act pierced the hearts of adults and children with a level of intrigue that persists even today. In the 1960s, we children repeated the story around campfires and scared each other in dark places. Adults back then imagined a mass murderer on the loose and will always remember the fear.

Sometimes when I observe national politics I am enthralled by the magnificent creation of our American government. When our forefathers founded our democracy it was grounded in British parliamentarian philosophy with a unique American blend, which of course omitted a monarchy. Now, 240 years later, it is a very representative democracy.

As if we have not been inundated enough with politics this year, hold on to your seats. Over the next few weeks that is all you will hear, read or see. The Republican Convention is set for July 18-22 in Cleveland and the Democratic Convention will begin on July 25 in Philadelphia.

The conviction and downfall of Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard is the political story of the year. It has not been the most profound conviction of an Alabama public official in my lifetime. We have had two governors convicted of crimes while in office and removed in fairly recent years, Guy Hunt a Republican and Don Siegelman a Democrat. Siegelman is still in federal prison in Louisiana. However, Hubbard’s trial has been the most anticipated and most dramatic.

If at first you don’t succeed, try at least one more time. That’s the rule the soft-spoken, local artist, Jackie “J.C.” Morgan, is following as she works to open her second art venue. Its name is J.C. Morgan Art Gallery, the same name as the one she opened in 2010 at Quintard Mall.

The older you get the more you realize that old adages you heard as a child are true. There is a political maxim that says, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It could very aptly be applied to the Mike Hubbard saga.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As most folks across East Alabama know, the Agricultural industry is a money maker and job creator in our state.  The Agriculture industry boasts over 500,000 jobs and brings in more than $70 billion total a year to Alabama.

A few Friday nights ago, a large throng of people gathered at The Club in Birmingham despite a torrential thunderstorm. The event was called Jubilee for Jabo. It was a commemoration of Jabo Waggoner’s 50 years of service in the Alabama Legislature.

While observing the legislature the other day, I fondly remembered a very eventful day as a youth. As a teenager, I grew up working at the Capitol as a Page in the House and Senate.

While Miss JSU Madelynn Barker is busy getting ready for the Miss Alabama pageant next week, she is still taking time to actively serve her community by sharing lessons in self-worth with area girls.

By chance, I recently met a friendly, talkative, 77-year-old man who wants to improve his education. Gerald Sowards of Oxford told me that he is studying hard to earn his GED. He wants it because …, well, just because.

Sometimes the best thing that the legislature can do in a session is to pass very little legislation. That can be said of this year’s regular legislative session, which ended several weeks ago. Not many bills made it through the legislative labyrinth.

Sometimes the best thing that the legislature can do in a session is to pass very little legislation. That can be said of this year’s regular legislative session, which ended several weeks ago. Not many bills made it through the legislative labyrinth.

A few weeks ago former Alabama Chief Justice Perry O. Hooper Sr. died at his home in Montgomery at age 91. He was the epitome of the southern gentleman. He was also one of the founding fathers of the modern Republican Party in Alabama.

For students looking for something fun to do this summer, perhaps dance might be in their future. Dance producer, choreographer, and instructor Rani Welch oversees a program that students find not only fun but might prepare them for a career.