Tonia Bodiford admits she’s in her element when working with children.

“I’ve always enjoyed teaching.” Tonia said. “When I was young I taught Sunday School classes and swim lessons as a teenager.”

Tammy Webber Borders was born in Anniston. She’s accomplished three of the things she wanted to happen in her life. She’s married to the man of her dreams, who happens to be a minister, she’s a mother and she has a job she enjoys going to every day.

Carol Catrett’s effusive personality is similar to Paula Dean’s, only her passion is not food but healthy skin. She is a skincare esthetician -- an expert on beauty. She cleans, soothes, and refreshes tired faces at Salon Alon. 

Many ministers first become a youth minister en route to becoming a senior pastor. Robbie Jenkins, decided early in his ministry that the young people in a church need a minister who is dedicated to them for more than only a handful of years.  His ministry includes serving for 25 years at churches in Tennessee; New Orleans, La.; and Tallahassee, Fla. He has been at Jacksonville’s First Baptist Church for the past two years.

Shannon Harper recently moved to Jacksonville with her husband Ray, the new basketball head coach at Jacksonville State University.  She feels at home here because she said that, at heart, she is a Southern girl. She also plans to be a cheerleader, of sorts, for the team and for Ray. She fulfilled that role when they were at Oklahoma City University and at Western Kentucky University.

When asked where she was born, Linda Fagan Bright answers Borden Springs, even though her parents were living in Piedmont. When it came time for Linda’s birth, her mother felt more comfortable being at her own mother’s home in Borden Springs when she arrived.

Marisa Preuninger was born Marisa Concha on an Indian reservation in Taos Pueblo, N. M. Her family had no electricity or inside plumbing, but Marisa said she was a happy child.

Chasity Henderson Goodwin has spent almost 14 years working at Farmers & Merchants Bank in Jacksonville. She started out as a teller and was promoted to opening new accounts. She applied herself because she liked what she did and was named administrative officer. She continues to open ne…

Melissa Singleton feels that one good thing about her life is that she was born in Orlean, France. The bad thing is, she doesn’t remember living there.

She was 3, when her Army father was transferred to Virginia. He retired from the Army at Fort Benning, near Columbus, Ga. Melissa graduated from Shaw High School in Columbus.

Freida Morris, daughter of the late Saul and Margaret Lomax, said she feels blessed to have grown up with five brothers and two sisters. The family was large and everyone was close, she said.

When Jan Case was a child, she’d line her dolls up and teach them. She always knew she wanted to be a teacher. She originally thought she’d major in early childhood education, but changed her mind because of a “wonderful trig teacher” she had in college.

Shelia Harper gives her mother, the late Jean Mangum, a lot of credit for her choices before and after graduating from White Plains High School.

While her father, the late Rev. James Mangum, served as a Baptist minister in churches in Alabama and Florida, her mother made their home life as charming and pleasant as possible. Shelia’s mother was also creative in making adjustments in new surroundings since her dad had pastored several churches.

Sue Pritchett Angel of Jacksonville is quick to say that her husband, Eugene, is the love of her life. She’s always said it doesn’t matter if anyone else loves her because she knows he does. They’ve been married 70 years.

The Jacksonville Garden Club met May 18 at the Community Center. Nancy and Lawrence Gillespie were hosts. Visitors welcomed were Mary Crabtree, Candice Hall and Dick Pritchett.

Benjamin Alan Tootle, 28, and Jennifer Leann Torruella, 28, both of Birmingham, were married at 6:30 p.m. May 7 at The Michael Wedding Barn in Anniston. A reception followed.