Brooklyn, N. Y., born and bred Dr. Stephen Babbino never thought he’d end up in the South. He did though, and he’s loving every minute of it. Dr. Babbino is Jacksonville’s newest doctor, transferring here a month and a half ago from Regional Medical Center in Anniston.

Dr. Babbino was hired to work at RMC in October. Still in association with RMC, his practice, Jacksonville Medical and Urgent Care, is on Pelham Road South near the hospital. He’s open Monday from 8-5, Tuesday and Thursday from 8-7, and Friday and Saturday from 8-12. He’s closed on Wednesday. He has a staff of six.

He said he’s happy to be in Jacksonville.

“Jacksonville is a growing town, which is something I like to see,” he said. “RMC is doing a great job in trying to facilitate our office and make sure it works for the town.”

He said he’s always had an interest in the medical and science fields.

“I was in medical research even before I went to medical school,” he said. “I was involved in Hospice programs from an early age. Everything I ever wanted to do always seemed to be connected to the medical field.”

Dr. Babbino received a bachelor of science from Brockport State University near Rochester, N. Y. He received his medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine in the West Indies.

He’s been practicing for the past 30 years and has worked in every aspect of medicine.

“I’ve touched on various problems in the medical field, whether it be surgery, family practice, emergency room, burns, or vascular,” he said.

Dr. Babbino said that, as a physician, he gets to look at persons who are ill and is thankful to know that he has the knowledge to heal them. He likes that.

He enjoys sports and computers. He said he’s tried fishing twice and, after the second time, realized he didn’t care for it.

What he enjoys most of all is keeping up with medicine on the Internet.

Dr. Babbino has practiced in several Alabama cities, including Albertville and Douglas.

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