Jonathan Wood was a 15-year-old student at Piedmont High School when he landed his first job at a grocery store. His mother worked at one in Piedmont, and she suggested he might like to work there also.

Wood started out bagging groceries, but after working there five years, he said he was doing a little bit of everything.

For the past year and three months, Wood has been manager of IGA Priceless in Jacksonville.

“It’s a very good job,” he said. “I really like working with people. Being a manager is a different experience. In other positions, you just kind of worry about that particular department, but as a store

manager, you’re directly responsible for everything. It’s yours and you’re responsible for all of it.”

Wood said he doesn’t mind that though, because he likes taking care of his customers and employees.

“It’s nice being able to interact with your community and getting to set up events that take place in the community,” he said. “Usually, a job is from 9 to 5, but when you’re a store manager, it’s all the


Wood was born and grew up in Piedmont. He graduated from Piedmont High School in 2001. His parents are Mike and Sandra (Adkison) Ledbetter of Piedmont.

Wood and his wife, the former Amanda Baggett, who works for the Department of Human Resources, enjoy football. They have a daughter, Kaley, 3.

“Kaley pretty much takes up all of our spare time,” he said. “We center a lot of what we do around her.”

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