Colleen Ledbetter knows what it’s like to shop for four children. She has four of her own, ranging in age from 15-6. She said she knows first-hand how expensive it is to keep children clothed, because they grow so fast. Plus, she said, when there’s clothing and shoes to buy for special events, the cost goes up even higher.

On April 5, Ledbetter opened That Shop on the west side of the square. She offers clothing for all ages of children.

Ledbetter said she can tell a difference week to week in the growth of her shop.

“We’re not fully stocked,” she said. “I don’t want anyone coming into the shop and thinking this is all we’re going to have. We’re trying to stay debt free with this business, so we’re doing a little bit at a time.”

Ledbetter said she has big plans for her shop. She plans to carry a lot of new clothes and shoes. Her future plans include supplying her shop with birthday gifts for children.”

Ledbetter said some of her customers have asked her about embroidering and monogramming items. She’s currently looking at machines so she can provide that.

“With our four children, we were always going to consignment sales and things like that trying to save money,” said Ledbetter. “And when we did need something extra, say for a program at school or something like that, we’d have to go all the way to Oxford or Gadsden. I just thought that we needed something closer so parents wouldn’t have to drive so far.”

Ledbetter said she likes to sew and craft, and That Shop is an outlet for that. She designs and sews clothing. Among the items she’s made are boutique outfits, skirts, dresses, boys’ shirts and hair bows. She has an order this week to make a wreath for a hospital door to welcome a new baby.

“Lots of people like to order birthday outfits, so I do a lot of these,” she said. “A lot of parents like for their child to wear an outfit that relates to their party theme.”

Ledbetter said that she will take items on consignment.

“Bring them in, and I’ll go through them and I’ll buy what I can use in the store,” she said.

That Shop is located at 16 Public Square, Suite #2. She’s open Monday through Friday from 10-6 and Saturday from 10-3. Her hours could change later, depending on business.

Ledbetter invites the public to call her at 256-644-5076 to discuss creating an outfit for a child or for information.

Ledbetter’s husband, Jason, is self-employed. Their children are Ramona and Justin, 15; Leah, 12 and Carter, 6. The family lives in Pleasant Valley.

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