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April 1, 2015

The Jacksonville News

Exchangites hear State of the City address

  It’s not unusual for a city to have a major building project going on, but it is unusual for a city to have two major projects going on, especially a city the size of Jacksonville.

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  • Celebration honors life of JSU photographer

    A crowd gathered in the MAC Center of First United Methodist Church at 2 p.m. Saturday to honor Opal R. Lovett at a celebration of life progra…

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  • Council looks to lawmakers

    The Jacksonville City Council postponed one vote on pawn shops, title loan stores and payday advance businesses, and voted to support another …

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Nisbets and others record our history

One of my friends is working on a book that genealogists and, in particular, Civil War buffs will enjoy. During the past few years, my friend has researched old newspapers in order to glean the most pertinent facts about daily life in Calhoun County during The Civil War years. I will share more about his project in a future column.

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