Jacksonville State University’s overseers Monday raised average student costs by about $333 a semester starting next year.


The Jacksonville State University Board of Trustees has given approval Monday for construction of a new baseball stadium after receiving a combined private gift of $2 million to help fund the project.


Melissa Singleton feels that one good thing about her life is that she was born in Orlean, France. The bad thing is, she doesn’t remember living there.

She was 3, when her Army father was transferred to Virginia. He retired from the Army at Fort Benning, near Columbus, Ga. Melissa graduated from Shaw High School in Columbus.


Sometimes when I observe national politics I am enthralled by the magnificent creation of our American government. When our forefathers founded our democracy it was grounded in British parliamentarian philosophy with a unique American blend, which of course omitted a monarchy. Now, 240 years later, it is a very representative democracy.


Steven and Jean Ellison organized 3rd Friday on the Square in Jacksonville. Live music, vendors, dancers, food, raffles and sidewalk art. Event will take place through October.