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October 9, 2015

The Jacksonville News

Interviews continue for superintendent

Brenda Rickett likes where she is.

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  • Students hear Bragg speak

    One of the novels Kellilyn Sechrest asked her dual enrollment students at Alexandria High School to read was Rick Bragg’s All Over But the Sho…

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  • A busy fall day Saturday

    Everyone can anticipate a busy day Saturday in Jacksonville with events going on in the Eastwood community and mill village.

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Amiee Thrasher assists tutors at JSU

Amiee Thrasher received a political science degree from Jacksonville State University and thought about going to law school. But that was before she met Rusty Thrasher through a mutual friend. After 18 years of marriage, two children and a job she loves, she’s happy with the path she chose in life.


Shelby has been good for Alabama

In 1986 Richard Shelby was a 50-year-old congressman from Tuscaloosa. He was elected to congress eight years earlier, after two successful four-year terms in the Alabama State Senate. However, Shelby was ready to move up again.  He was planning to run for the United States Senate.


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