Taylor Ford was young when the Blizzard of ’93 hit the area. He was a student at Pleasant Valley Elementary School. He remembers being at his home with his parents and sister and having plenty to eat. He heard about others though, who didn’t fare as well. Stores were closed and those who didn’t have the ever-popular snow items of milk and bread or other items, did without.

The players on this season’s Jacksonville Christian boys’ basketball team can say they accomplished something no other JCA boys team ever did. Saturday at Pete Mathews Coliseum, the boys won a game in the annual Calhoun County basketball tournament. The Thunder began playing in the county tournament in 2003. Their 66-58 victory over Jacksonville erased 14 years of frustration.

Christy Wilkins is probably the happiest she’s ever been, because she’s the mother of three girls. Annabell is 7, Baylee is 6 and Shelby is 5. They attend school in DeArmanville. After the arrival of Annabell, Christy realized the importance of being available for her daughters, but also realized she needed a job to add to her family’s income.

The passing of Governor Albert Brewer on January 2nd at 88 years old, marks the passing of an era in Alabama politics.

This was said to be the largest crowd and the warmest yet Piedmont Polar Plunge, which benefits Venecia’s Foundation. Elected officials from Piedmont, Jacksonville and Weaver were present. The plunge brought in $1661 for the foundation, which gives comfort bags and gas cards to those going t…