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April 26, 2015

The Jacksonville News

Student costs going up, up, up, up

Students will pay 6 percent more to attend Jacksonville State University this fall, and many will owe more for campus housing and dining plans after a decision Monday by the school’s governing body.

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Deborah Barksdale learned to cook at an early age

Deborah Barksdale’s father, the late Enoch Duncan, taught all his daughters how to make biscuits. He wanted them to know how so they could make them for their families one day. Bread was an important part of the family meals in the Duncan home. If they didn’t have biscuits, they had cornbread.


The not-so-experienced prom sponsor

As a teacher at a private high school last year, I was in charge of prom night. I am playing a key role in another school’s prom Friday night. Taking on these roles has been a stretch for me because of my lack of prom experience.

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