Jacksonville school board to negotiate superintendent contract extension

Jacksonville’s education leaders agreed Monday to negotiate a possible one-year contract extension for the school system superintendent.


The Jacksonville State University Board of Trustees has given approval Monday for construction of a new baseball stadium after receiving a combined private gift of $2 million to help fund the project.


Gwen McGuffey Rollins has spent most of her adult life working with young people.


I was, like most children growing up in Calhoun during the 1950s and 60s, fascinated by a person who shot and dismembered two brothers and threw their body parts out the window of a car across three Alabama counties. Viola Hyatt’s murderous act pierced the hearts of adults and children with a level of intrigue that persists even today. In the 1960s, we children repeated the story around campfires and scared each other in dark places. Adults back then imagined a mass murderer on the loose and will always remember the fear.


Steven and Jean Ellison organized 3rd Friday on the Square in Jacksonville. Live music, vendors, dancers, food, raffles and sidewalk art. Event will take place through October.