A proposed Children’s Reading Room at the Houston Cole Library at Jacksonville State University can be not only a dynamic facility for elementary school children but an educational tool that fosters a love for reading in children throughout east central Alabama.

Based on the Tony Awards format, the 11th annual Randy Awards were held at Garfrerick’s Café on Tuesday night. The event was a time to applaud the volunteers who brought last season’s CAST community theater productions to the stage. The emcees were Michelle Bain, awards chairman, and Chris Hartley.

Rebecca Burt is giving programs at libraries this month about her father’s book "Recollections: My Folks and Fields." Her father, Eddie B. Rozelle, wrote the book in the late 1950s. It is set in the Hatchett Creek area of Clay County. Recently, Burt finished a two-year project of re-editing …

It’s going to be a melodic spring. Upcoming musical events include an Oxford Community Chorus concert, a recital by Anne Kerr and Friends and the Cheaha Creative Arts’ presentation of "An Evening of Fine Arts."

Serve something up at an event and people will come, as every hostess knows. The musicians of the JSU Community Orchestra are offering delicious candies — in the form of music — at Tuesday evening’s concert, directed by Darryl Harris.