A whole lot has been written about the election just past, and much of it has been couched in revolutionary language. Alec MacGillis’ “Revenge of America’s Forgotten Class” essay in The Star earlier this month is a good example. Well, to quote Richard Nixon, “Let me say this about that.”

Next time you watch a University of Alabama home football game, pay particular attention when the Goodyear blimp, which always seems to be there, flies over Bryant-Denny Stadium. When it does, you will notice that hard against the imposing structure named for two of the university’s legends …

“Politics in Alabama was a dirty business, if it was done right.” — Fuller Kimbrell, Jim Folsom’s finance director, reflecting on Alabama politics in the 1950s

As Southeastern Conference schools went down to defeat, or won sloppily, at the opening of the 2016 football season, one of the few teams that showed the sort of grit for which past SEC teams have been famous was the University of Alabama in its victory over the University of Southern California.

“I think you can have a field day with this one,” my Kentucky friend wrote when he sent me the link to an article that called attention to “The Rise of Marriage for One.” It’s an increasingly popular practice in which a woman marries herself. These brides call themselves “Sologamists.”