In April, one of the greatest sportswriters of his generation died at age 96. For decades, Blackie Sherrod entertained Texas newspaper readers. On Sundays, he offered a “Scattershooting” column that was a collection of quick observations. Think of a Twitter account in print form.

In almost every single way, Tom Wolfe’s 1987 novel The Bonfire of the Vanities is far superior to the movie version. Well, that’s my opinion, and the awful box office results from the 1990 film adaptation back me up on this.

Alabama Press Association conventions are like church to me. Granted, it’s a church with a cash bar, a steady supply of politicians pressing the flesh and newspaper folk who excel at witty banter and storytelling.

During the Obama administration, more than 500 unmanned drone strikes were responsible for the estimated deaths of 3,040 terrorists and 391 civilians in three countries: Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. Those figures are from 2009 until the early part of 2016. They come from Micah Zenko, a senio…

This weekend, Americans celebrate our nation’s independence from Britain and King George. This fall, Alabamians have a chance to do something similar, partially severing our connection to the state’s unwieldy 1901 Constitution.

It turns out that the bathroom at Target is a much safer place than the driveway of the mayor of Oxford. At least that was the case for an Anniston Star reporter who was attacked and threatened by a city employee two weeks ago.

CNN marked its 36th birthday on the first day of this month. How old is the Cable News Network? Jimmy Carter was president on the day it launched, as I was reminded recently when watching a YouTube video of its debut.

Who remembers Y2K? It was way back in 1999, a time when today’s high school graduates were just learning to walk. The fear was that a quirk in computers’ internal clocks would essentially freak out when the calendar went from 12/31/1999 to 01/01/2000. Bad things were forecast for desk comput…

A new report by the American Society of Civil Engineers on U.S. roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure forecasts that the nation needs to spend $1.4 trillion over the next 10 years, and about five times that much from now until 2040.

There’s the sex scandal involving a politician. There’s the sex scandal involving a politician who built his campaign on “family values.” Then there’s the sex scandal involving a politician who built his campaign on “family values” that includes a tape recording.

For the moment, let’s boil electoral politics down to the imprecise art of figuring out which way the winds are blowing and positioning one’s self to take advantage of that breeze.