WEDNESDAY’S LIST ... of beans ’n greens ’n other things:


RECENTLY THE STAR had a front-page story on the Rocky Hollow neighborhood in Anniston.

The first paragraph:

“Sharon Golden has lived in the Rocky Hollow neighborhood for almost 23 years. She’s watched the neighborhood change over the years in ways both good and bad.”

She mentioned shootings and other things ... and brought back a memory here.

The second apartment the blonde and I had in our young marriage was 1921 Davis (rear).

It was a small garage apartment, living room and tiny kitchen on the first floor, nice bedroom and tiny bath on the second.

It was a wonderful time in our lives and a good place to live. In fact, it was to that apartment we brought son-and-heir when he was three days old. It was where we had our first TV, a blurry black-and-white that got just three channels.

There are other memories, but two stand out.

1. It was always about 10 degrees cooler in the hollow than the rest of the town.

2. We never locked our door.

That last you can’t do anywhere any longer. I love change, but it’s not always for the good.


IN SUNDAY’S column I wrote about my annual pilgrimage to Chilton County to check on Ken Easterling’s peach crop for ’14. It was a mixed report. There was some damage to the early peaches, but it’s looking good for the late crop.

It is a trip I enjoy, 186 miles (round trip) of me ’n Merle ’n Willie,  breakfast with Ken, and a couple of hours of “catching up.” Despite the two decades I’ve been making the trip, there always seems to be something new.

This trip, I mentioned that Leon Easterling left his peach franchise (69 acres) to only son Ken. It wasn’t always an only son.

From Ken:

“I had a brother killed in New Guinea in World War II. His name was E.C. and he’d been married 10 days when he had to leave a go back. He was killed on March 13, 1944. After that, Dad was always superstitious about the number 13.

“I was 2 years old when he was killed and I have a picture of him holding me in his arms.”

There was a sadness in his voice, a quiet moment or two as I thought about knowing Ken and had never heard that story.


WITH THAT said, a reminder for you peach lovers that Ken’s first trip will be Tuesday, June 10.

He and wife Faye, who rides shotgun with her husband, will be at Regions Bank in Oxford at 6 a.m. If there is no sellout there, he parks at the Anniston post office around 8.


QUOTABLE: “One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it’s a nice change from being young.”

- Will Rogers


BIRTHDAYS: June 2 – Judy Tyree; June 6 – Hank Alexander.


TOP TEEN is taking a vacation. The good old summer time is near and the school counselors who take the time to provide us the Top Teen each week are somewhere having a good time. At least, I hope they are, and we’ll return to the Top Teen in the fall.

But before I go, I would like to thank those people for what they do, not for this column, but for our young people.

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