WEDNESDAY’S LIST . . . of beans ‘n greens ‘n other things:


JOYCE KILMER once wrote:

“Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make tree.”

On the other hand, burger giant McDonald’s sure knows how to kill them.

For the rest of the story, those lovely trees to your right as you pulled through Mac’s drive through in Lenlock are now just ugly stumps. So what’s going on. Progress friends.

A nice lady at the pay window pointed at the stumps with:

“We have an expansion coming in September and we’re going that way.”

I kind of like Mac’s fries, but I sure miss the trees. Don’t ask me why, but coughing up most of a $10 bill for my food didn’t seem all that bad in the comfort of the trees.

Yeah . . . I know. I’m a big strange, but life is better for the little things.


BACK TO  my illustrious ancestry for a moment. I have another report from the high society (my family) of Choccolocco Valley back in the 1930s. Again this comes from Bill Edwards, who spends some time in The Star's archives as well as editing my copy in an effort to keep me from embarrassing myself.

The date is July 7, 1939:

“The Rev. and Mrs. G. D. Cobb and daughter, Miss Marie Cobb, Frank Snider, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cobb spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Smith at Chosea Springs.

The reverend and his wife were my maternal grandparents, Marie was my aunt, the other Cobbs were kin, and the Bernard Smiths were my parents.

Looking at all of that, it occurs to me that I may bore you to death before the invitations are sent out for my own farewell party. With that in mind my right hand raised, I promise to not mention my great-granddaughter, my grandsons, my son, the blonde nor her kitchen, or the high society doings of my forebears for the next two weeks.

But I’m getting older (if you’re breathing, you are, too), and I’m sure having a good time with the current social life of my family, mostly wrapped around hamburgers and hot dogs and home-made ice cream . . . with some hugging and “I love you” when the mood mellows.

But there is a thought that I’m not sure what’s coming first, me dying or me boring you to death with stories of my lineage.

Some say promises are made to be broken . . .


QUOTABLE: “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.” – Gerald Ford


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