WEDNESDAY’S LIST . . . of beans ‘n greens ‘n other things:


OLDEST BAPTIST church in Calhoun County?

It’s not Hebron in the Peeks Hill community, but it’s in the top three. According to dates the churches themselves have on file with the Calhoun County Baptist Association, New Hopewell (near Piedmont) and Mt. Zion in Alexandria were founded in 1834.

Hebron was founded in 1839 with just eight people in the new congregation. They were John and Nancy Richey, Peter and Mary Chany, William and Nancy Cannon, and Phillip and Huldah Gee.

If there are any direct descendants out there, I’d sort of like to know.

What that’s getting around to is Hebron’s faithful will celebrate the church’s 175th anniversary Sunday week (Aug. 3).

The day starts with an all-day singing at 11 in the morning and I’m sure you’d be very welcome. The singing, in addition to “joyful noise” from the congregation, will feature The Centennials.

Dinner will be served and any place that calls the mid-day meal “dinner” instead of lunch is in my warm place.

But I have a much better reason than “dinner-on-the-ground.”

It was on a Sunday afternoon during my wooing of a beautiful blonde that we were sweeping into the gentle curve in front of the church. Suddenly, without warning, I heard:

“Sweetheart, I think I’d like a ring.”

I wiped out three church picnic tables before I got a battered old ’49 Ford  back on the road.

I’ve told you that story before, but she is the reason I’m me instead of maybe a pool hustler in Chicago or a Faro dealer in Vegas.

Warm memories will be in style at the 175th anniversary. Hebron’s, not ours ... of course.


BIRTHDAYS: July 21 — Dorothy Albright and Jim Hibbitts; July 22 — Reagan Smith; July 23 — Baylea Alvarado and Roy Cordle; July 25 — R. C. Bryant and Sandra Sexton; July 27 —  Tyler Butterworth.


JULY 24 gets a special and very personal note in that it is my son-and-heir’s birthday. I’m not going to tell you how many ’cause that could tell you where I’m getting on in my years.

His name is Barry Stephen Smith who played on two national championship teams at Alabama. But the best thing he did was marry Susie Robinson and give the blonde and me three really super grandsons. And to my knowledge, he has never embarrassed the family.

With all that said, since tomorrow is his birthday I may wait until Thursday to take him out of the will, which I do every now and then.

Happy birthday, “kid.”


QUOTABLE: “One must wait until evening to see how splendid the day has been.” — Will Rogers


ONE-UPMANSHIP: It’s 6 in the morning and I’m at Regions Bank in Oxford. The peach man is there and I’m there.

And I am in my normal sorry white trash attire: Blue T-shirt, khaki shorts, and sandals with white socks.

Another peach lover (I didn’t get his name) wanted a good look at the white socks he’d been reading about in this column.

Stuck my foot out, gave him a good look. Which is when he  pulled up his pants legs:

“I don’t even wear socks.”

Some days you just can’t win.


AN UPDATE from Ken Easterling, the man who brings Chilton County peaches all the way from Clanton for “us.”

“I’ll have peaches until about the middle of August,” he says.

And, due to a short crop, his run is Tuesday only.

Arrival time is 6 a.m.


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