Knowing personally one of the candidates in a presidential election makes the race especially exciting, which is why I was so invested in Robert Kennedy’s 1968 candidacy — and ultimate tragedy.

In almost every single way, Tom Wolfe’s 1987 novel The Bonfire of the Vanities is far superior to the movie version. Well, that’s my opinion, and the awful box office results from the 1990 film adaptation back me up on this.

Contemplating an excursion into the niceties of language a la Donald Trump, I was reminded of my first meeting on the board of the Southern Center for International Studies then chaired by former Secretary of State Dean Rusk.

Alabama Press Association conventions are like church to me. Granted, it’s a church with a cash bar, a steady supply of politicians pressing the flesh and newspaper folk who excel at witty banter and storytelling.

My first concert was Alabama and Juice Newton. Not a lot of cool points in that statement, but I was maybe 8 years old — same age as my daughter.

A few days ago, considering the possibility that he might not be declared the winner in November, Donald Trump began talking about the election being “rigged.” Picking up on that note, Trump’s “long-term confidant” Roger Stone told The Washington Post that he advised the Republican nominee t…