It turns out that the bathroom at Target is a much safer place than the driveway of the mayor of Oxford. At least that was the case for an Anniston Star reporter who was attacked and threatened by a city employee two weeks ago.

High-powered, semi-automatic guns are a household necessity, like milk and eggs and laundry detergent. That’s what the National Rifle Association wants us to believe. Don’t just own one military-grade weapon designed to kill humans on the battlefield. Buy two! Or three!

As everybody in America but Bernie Sanders knows, we now have two official candidates. Voters now must ponder what policies a President Clinton or President Trump would pursue to shape the country.

CNN marked its 36th birthday on the first day of this month. How old is the Cable News Network? Jimmy Carter was president on the day it launched, as I was reminded recently when watching a YouTube video of its debut.

Blame it on Vaughn Stewart III. His dad, VSII, is Anniston’s mayor, the man elected three-plus years ago to keep the city from sinking further into oblivion. On Wednesday, the mayor told the world he didn’t want to be saddled with inexhaustable City Hall chores for another four years, so he’s sitting out the August election. Call that what it is: a bonafide shocker, not nearly like Nick Saban quitting Alabama, but a shocker nonetheless. He came to this “moment of clarity,” as he called it, after returning from his son’s wedding last weekend in Maryland.