Our graduating Seniors: Taylor Clark, Chandy Gor don and Carole Taylor, were recognized and presented Bibles. We wish our Seniors and all graduating Seniors God’s blessings.

Bro. Doug’s message from Ephesians; As you go to college, or wherever you are going, let your light shine for God. Let your light shine so that others will know you are a Christian. God knows what you are doing. Affect people as a Christian. Jesus is The Light. Jesus is in us. We aren’t in darkness now. We need to be available to our graduates and others. We need God to help us do as He would have us do. It’s important to listen and do as God says.

Prayer requests: Doug and Cleo, Charles and Annette, Ruth and Murvel, Betty, Myrtice, Judy and Kenneth Or man, Reba, Ray and Esther, jail ministry, Gail and family, Leslie and family, Chandy, Kim Lalonde, Jackie, Howle, HEARTS, all graduates, VBS, Walter and Elaine Hall, the Turner/Marcum, Austin, Bell families, Gail Bell, Roy Gene and Tobatha Cheatwood, Tiffany, Stephen, Nell and Lucille McElroy, Avis Kilgore, Pauline Laminack, our military, our nation’s leaders, and our church.