We are pleased to have our church missionaries back from Nicaragua! Such a special time was shared. This Sunday night at 5pm come for a homemade Ice Cream social then hear from each member about their trip and view all the photos overhead. Mark your calendars for July 14-18 for VBS Jungle Safari- time 6-8pm (no meal) Mon-Fri.

Bro. George opened to Mark 10:15-31, “Who Do You Bank With?” Tell me, what do you put your value in? Your trust in? Many times we miss the mark on what is truly important. We need to be taught early as a little child to learn what is important. We have to see what the world banks on. We begin by seeing many friends of this world are inadequate, insecure and can even be intoxicating and insufficient. Recall the rich young ruler who was true to the work but when he was told to sell all and give up his title, he couldn’t do it.

Many see the difficulty of salvation. It’s the astonishment of what it takes. It’s because they can’t see that the trust in God and not riches. It is difficult for them to see but it would be so easy for them to do. Amen.

In the definition of salvation, they see the impossibility. They see good works only but with God, all things are possible. If we trust in Him as our Lord, He will bless us and we will not have to see it because we will know it. The Holy Spirit will live in us speaking to us.

Lastly, they see a dilemma of salvation. They can’t give up what they love- money, drugs, alcohol, boats, etc. Remember-the first shall be last and the last shall be first. It is a powerful change and one that we need to cherish like gold.