Saturday we will cater a class reunion RHS class of 1953. Food needs to be here at 4:30.

July 26 is VBS beginning at 8:30 and goes till lunch time. Come on kids it will be great.

Revial July 27-28 at Ranburne and 29-30 at Wise 6 p.m., each evening. Cody Shelton will be speaking.

Many need prayer: Lula Mae Camp, Bea Crawford, Grayson Smith, Ozell Benefield, Bobby Williamson, Les ter Norton, Jamie Nolen, Harden family, Johnny Harlan, Owetta Spruell, Neysa Nelson, Delaney Edwards, Rosa Lee Moore, Glenda Pollard, Rodney Benefield. God bless Mary Truett our oldest member celebrating 97 years of age. Remember our troops and our nation and national leaders.

Scriptures came from James 2:14-26. Most have dealt with doubt in life. We are confirmed Christians when we know that we are saved. We must know. Be certain you are where you need to be, let your faith bring you forth, doubt fades. Be a Christian storng enough in your faith to carry you anywhere. Find peace.