Emily sang “I’ll Fly Away” .

Bro. Ray’s message from II Chronicles and Isaiah: God does not need us, we need Him. We have to take part. You have to understand why you do what you do. Repentance is necessary. The world flocks after things they see. If you are not being used by God, you don’t understand God. God sent Jesus so we would know who God is. We judge people by what we see. God wants us to see in the heart. Jesus took stripes for us. We have left Jesus behind. Get back to understanding God. God’s people does not hum ble themselves.

Prayer requests: Doug and Cleo, Ray and Esther-sur gery, jail ministry, Charles and Annette, Ruth and Murvel, Betty, Myrtice, Reba,Jane Alred, Bryan, Tammy, Gail and family, Leslie and family, Daniel and Jackson, Carole and family, Stephen, Nell and Lucille McElroy, Pauline Lam inack, Avis Kilgore, Harold Nolen, Brad and family, Judy and Kenneth Orman, April Benefield, Lex Brown, Ken Sanders, Langford Hill, VBS, HEARTS, Jackie Howle, Tiffany, Eric and Oliver, our military, our nation’s leaders, the lost and unconcerned, and our church, Roy Gene and Tobatha Cheatwood.