We had the greatest VBS this past week! 100+ children each night moving through an entire jungle learning the Word of God! Special thanks to Tim Zimmerman, Chil dren’s Minister, for all his hard work pulling it together. Bro. George opened to ! Peter: 5:8, “it’s a Jungle Out There!”.

We have a king bigger than the one that claiming to be the lion. Satan will try to distort your thinking and it will begin with deception. He will make you think God is deceiving us. Satan tries the oldest trick in the book on us each day. It’s his diversion strategy.

He also tries to destroy your peace. He uses devices to set traps. He will tell you that just one drink is not wrong, or one affair, or a little gossip. We allow him to set the stage and we fall into it. He is devouring our peace, our health, and our character. He will try to display your fail ures. He uses discouragement and tries to damage your testimony by denial of Christ.

Lastly , he tries to delay your salvation. Some wait to step out until it too late. Come now. His arms are open.