We had a great day at Lee Farm Sunday! Thanks you to all who came and made it fun! Kids- the church is going to Spring Valley Waterpark June 10th. See Facebook for more information. We were excited yet again for the baptism of another! 

Bro. George opened to Luke 6:46-49, “Will Your Home Survive?”. We must examine the foundation that we built our home upon. It must be built upon the word of how we are to treat each other- Godly. The same as Christ does the church. You have to hear the Word and heed the Word. Listen and change the way we treat each other, do the Lord Jesus does the church. It is built upon laboring, with the desire to labor with depth and development. We have to build on God’s ways! 

We must expect the floods to come. The raging storms will come suddenly and the way we react tells us how we built our foundation. We see the resilient structure that is founded on the rock, not just any stone – the reliable stone. Too many cut and run at the smallest thing or smallest hurt words. We must expose the failures. You have to look at your life to see what is there. The heart fails to hear and fails to hold on them. 

You have to dig deep to survive. When you go against God’s word and don’t live as He commanded—“and the ruin of that house was great” sayth the Lord!