Our text was out of Psalm23, but look at Psalm 22, it tells us about Jesus on the cross, Psalm 23 tells us of the valley we are going through and Psalm 24 tells us of the coming of the Lord to redeem His own. Even though we are going through valleys now, we have so much to look forward to. God walks with us through our valleys. He wants us to rely on Him for everything. Our liveswould be so much better, but we often stray from Him and that is when the devil and his demons try to do their bidding. The devil brings only despair and ruin for us. The devil and his demons are real. We must stay in the realm of God.

Sunday night text came out of Daniel 3:12-29. Twenty four seven is how long we need to show our Christianity. Young people are always looking at us as an example. We need to be different, determined and delivered in our walk of life. Giving up any position that is not Godly. Stand up for the right.

This coming Sunday is our homecoming. It starts at 11:00 Al time. Almost Home will be our special singers. There will be lots of good food. May God bless and keep you.