May 7, 2015

The Cleburne News

Heflin may increase speed limits

In the not too distant future, drivers accustomed to speeding through parts of Heflin, may find they are no longer speeding.

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Whitley gets win for Yanks

Ranburne’s favorite baseball son, Chase Whitely, is back in New York with the Yankees. His 2015 major league debut was just as spectacular as his 2014 arrival. Whitley got to New York Monday and was the Yankees’ starter against Tampa Bay Tuesday evening.  He allowed the Rays just one run on six hits over five innings, walked one and struck out five.


Redistricting plan up in air

There is an ominous cloud hanging over this legislative session. Last year the U.S. Supreme Court surprisingly agreed to hear a Hail Mary complaint filed by the black legislative caucus over the 2014 redistricting plan. In an even more surprising opinion, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the complainants and remanded the case back to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals instructing the lower court to tell the legislature to try again.

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