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August 27, 2014

The Cleburne News

Decline in tickets cut into budget

Troopers issue citations solely for the purpose of safety and not to generate revenue.

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A salute to an All American cause for wounded heroes

All the pork and waste are devastating our economy. No polls indicate more than a modicum of support for these wasteful creatures. Yet, they continue ruining our economy and infrastructure with their over-the-top, extremist tactics, and the average voter in America has no clue what’s going on. Of course, I’m talking about wild hogs...the real things, not those bureaucrats and politicians in Washington who are depressing our economy with rules, regulations, and taxes. Comments (0)


New sources of stormwater overwhelm pipes at Heflin business

The parking lot of the old Buster Miles Chevrolet dealership on Ross Street dips down in the back almost to a bowl shape and during a rain, that bowl runneth over with water, owner Matt Miles said.The stormwater runoff from other properties in the area has increased over the years, overwhelming the current storm sewer pipes and creating a massive sinkhole in his parking lot, Miles said. Comments (0)

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