The 911 Board Tuesday approved its fiscal year 2017 budget and the new dispatch fee schedule needed to fund it.

Alex Lee had the kind of game for the Danville Braves Tuesday night that most baseball players never experience. The former Cleburne County High, Central Alabama and Samford standout was 4-for-4 with a walk in Danville’s 10-8 win over the Pulaski Yankees. Playing in Danville’s spacious Legion Field, Lee hit two home runs, drove in five runs and scored three times.

The Heflin City Council Tuesday declared four municipal candidates running unopposed for their seats in the Aug. 23 election to be in those offices.

Mayor Rudy Rooks, along with Travis Crowe (incumbent, District 1), Clinton “Shag” Austin (newcomer, District 3) and Rhonda Green (incumbent, District 5), who were all running for council, were unanimously voted into office, as state law allows.


You’ve probably heard the old joke about the campaign manager who bribed a preacher to call his candidate a saint. The following Sunday, the preacher began speaking about the candidate in the most derogatory language, bringing up case after case in which the candidate had lied, cheated, and pilfered public coffers for personal gain. As he ended his diatribe, the preacher said, “But compared with his opponent, he’s a saint.”