Starting Tuesday of next week at 7 p.m. drivers on eastbound Interstate 20 should expect delays as traffic is shifted to the two inner lanes beginning four miles from the Alabama/Georgia border, according to Alabama Department of Transportation officials.

Tigers hit the road to play the Cubs

Four Cleburne County Board of Education members met for three minutes Thursday evening for their second meeting of the week to vote on three hires and four field trips.


At the “A-List” LGBT for Hillary Gala September 9, Hillary Clinton read the following scripted comments from teleprompters. This was at least the second time she had used these words in public. They are coming from her heart. And her audience loved and applauded these words. “Yes!” The elite, the very top progressives in America who look down their long Pharisaic noses at the rest of us who work and live far below their intelligence and righteousness have always believed most Americans are “deplorables.”