Dont Get Rid of Anything Good...Somebody Can Use It.
by DebraThomas
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I am not real sure what "IT" is, but Bless Her Heart, that was some of my mothers favorite words. Dont get rid  of anything good, somebody might can use it. Just drop it off here and I will go through it. Well, I have inheirited her same thoughts. And stuff. And more stuff.  Now, sometimes I get some really good stuff, but most of the time I just hoard it up here at the Ponderosa and then, well, I have to find a place to put it. And well, to be honest, I am running out of space. Not only in the house, but the carport is getting full and the car, well, its got just enough room now to get a bag of groceries in there. If you smash them in there. Ok, I will admit it, I think that sometimes I do keep things that I shouldnt. But if you watch television like I do, there is a show almost every night showing where someone finds an old phonograph or a picture frame or a book that is worth LOTS of money. I mean, LOTS of money. But for some reason, that has Never happened to me. And I just have a feeling its not going to happen to me.

Sometimes I get a really great something though. Like when my aunt died. Her daughter called and said she was getting rid of all of her moms clothes and would I want to come and get them. So yes, sure, I will be more than happy to come over. And load the Honda. And I did. Oh was I happy. I loaded clothes, belts, purses, shoes and all sorts of other stuff into that car until you almost couldnt close the door. Then I got home and unloaded it into the living room. Beautiful dresses, in a size 12. My heart sank. I was born in a size 12. My right leg is a size 12. I come from a family where anybody under 200 pounds looks "puny", so I dont know where she got a size 12 from, so it goes into the pile to go somewhere else.  And then the shoes, well, if you wear a small size in dresses, you get the picture.

Not a whole lot of 7W in there. As a matter of fact, nothing in my size in the way of shoes and few clothes. But nonetheless, I kept lots of stuff. My mom could use a large portion of the things, and I was so glad to get the for her. Not a problem.

When I was about to give up hope, my eyes fell on a box, a Playtex Bra box. I was so happy. It was a sign of things to come!!! Yeah!!! I havent had what I would call a good bra in several years. Several. So without hesitation I grab the box. I look lovingly at the brand new, no wire, shapely bra. So very happy. So it goes back into the box for the day I will wear it in public.

The day came. I pulled, pushed, smashed, and put everything where it was supposed to go. I didnt pay attention to the size, just that it was new. After quite a while of tucking and pressing and carrying on, I got it on. I felt great. A little hard to breath, but did I feel like I looked good!!! Well, as good as I can anyway.

A week or so passes and I get a call that my youngest nephew is moving to California. His wife has lost a lot of weight and they are getting rid of her old "bigger" clothes and my sister wanted to know if I would be interested in some of her clothes.  "Are you kidding?" Yes, I screamed, yes, bring them on. I will be thrilled to get some of her stuff!!!

So within a few days, 2 large black Hefty size lawn and leaf bags arrived at my house. I was so happy. Here I had won again. All new clothes. This time I could wear some of them and even though the young lady is quite a few years younger than I, she had excellant taste and yep, you guessed it, there was a bra in there. Oh man, this is like winning the bra lottery!! So pretty and full nice straps. YEAH!!

So, I gather the clothes I can wear and use and clean them and the bra and am so happy with my new belongings. I tried on the freshly laundered bra and sure enough, it fit. I have no idea what size it was but it fit and I felt good in it.

Well, as luck would have it, I developed a nasty cold and flu and the doctor wanted to take Xrays of my chest. Fine. Not a problem. Like the confidence of knowing all of the answers on a test, I felt the courage and confidence to have the Xrays taken and not be ashamed of my under coverage.

The nurse is putting the Xray camera down close to the area she needs to look at and says that is a nice bra you have on, where did you get it?

Well, never having been faced with such a question, I didnt know what to say or how to answer, so with a very red face, (I didnt want to say a dead aunt or a niece in law that lost weight) so I lied. I said Sears.

I felt so bad about that lie. The poor lady is probably still looking somewhere for that wide strapped bra with the full coverage.

But there is such a thing as Karma or payback or God telling you dont be proud of things, and I was proud of that bra. Sad, isnt it. Well, it gets sadder. Much sadder.

I came home one evening and was taking off the shoes and so on and I couldnt get the bra off. I dont mean unhooking it, I mean, couldnt get it to come off. At all. Nothing. Nobody home to help me, and this isnt the kind of thing you just ask a neighbor to assist with, so I had to do the unthinkable.

I had to cut the bra off. It was after I had turned, twisted and struggled for longer than I care to write about, but I had to cut that thing off. And for the first time in my life, I was sad about a bra. Sad that I had lost one of the two good ones I had in several years. Sad that I had lied about where I got it because to tell the truth I didnt know.

As if that wasnt sad and bad enough. The other one met a bad fate. An accident in the washer ripped the whole side out of the front. No repairs. Nothing to do but throw it away.

So now, I am on the lookout for a new bra. One that fits. One that has broad straps and nice front coverage, and this time, I think I will purchase my own bra.

Gosh, I hope Hoarders doesnt read this Blog column.  They might just think I have a problem.

I am beginning to think as I look around, I might.  Sad.  But it makes me happy to know that I am temporarily giving a lot of stuff a good home.  At least till somebody can use it.
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