I was Scared; I'm Mad and I Dont Know Who to Thank
by DebraThomas
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As most of you that have read my blogs know, I am close to my Mother. I guess I am so close to her because I have no children and my dad died when I was young, so we for lack of a better word, grew up together. Well my Mom has a little problem with memory loss, and as I go through the days I find I do too. So while most everyone was enjoying their Christmas lunch on December 25th, my Mother was a little confused and got outside of her house and wandered into the main road that runs in front of her house, and fell. Thank God for so many things, like the fact that when I say the main road, I mean a two lane road that goes between the city she lives in and the connecting city, and most folks use it as a shortcut instead of using the highway a mile away. So the traffic is not especially heavy on the street. She fell onto the road and it was raining and it was cold. I have no idea how long she was outside, nor do I know how long she lay in the road, or if she fell just the one time or if there were consecutive falls.

God and his Angels were watching over my sweet Mom, as someone found her and called an ambulance. They stayed with her until the ambulance came and took her away. Of course I didnt know any of this until it was all said and done, which brings me to the rest of the story.

I was on my way to Mothers house to take her to Christmas lunch at the Waffle House and then on to visit the relatives on Christmas Day. I started to my car several different times and would either forget something, have to come back in the house, have to clean out a seat for her to ride with me, therefore bringing the groceries, or whatever inside the house, and after 5 trips of coming back and forth, I was tired of being so forgetful and wanted to get on my way, so I finally said, ok, enough, I am leaving. And I did. I left on a trip that I will never forget as long as I live.

I got to Mothers house with my Christmas gift for her in hand. I also had a bag with little grocery items in it, so when I got inside her house and hollared for her several times and she didnt answer, I started to worry. I set down the cokes and stuff and still had her gift in hand. Still calling out for her in every name I have ever used from Moma to her first name, I really started to worry. After several seconds of this, I dropped her gift to the ground right inside the front door and I screamed. I screamed her name, I screamed for help, I screamed for God to help me find my Mother. Then the awful thought came to mind that I want to find her but I dont. I wanted to see that she was just not hearing me, but I didnt want to find her injured or worse. I searched the house over. I looked outside, I looked in the basement, I looked in the yard, I looked around cars and in ditches. I ran up the street calling for her and I went from door to door at several of the neighbors houses. No one was home. No one answered me. It was like a scene from a horror movie. There was not a dog barking, there was not a bird chirping. There was not a car on the roads and I couldnt find her anywhere. I have never been so scared in my life. I think if my hair wasnt already white it would have turned right then and there. I aged at least ten years in those moments of fear.

I went back inside the house and I called every person I could think of. I called my sister in Atlanta and my cousin in Alexandria. I called everybody I thought might have a clue where she was. No one knew. I was petrified. I called my husband at work and he told me to call the Police. So I did. They told me that there was a report of an unknown elderly woman found in the road and an ambulance was called. I started to blab to the woman at the Police station this was my mother and where was she taken? The kind lady told me to sit tight and she would find out and call me right back. Within seconds she called me back and was so kind and soothing and wanted me to let her know how things worked out. I didnt get her name. I still havent called her back. I am just now getting calmed down. But I will call and I will thank her.

While I was getting dry clothes and shoes ready to take to the hospital to bring Mother home, my brother called and told me that he had gotten a call from Regional Medical Center and that Mother was there. He told me he was getting ready and would be coming from Montgomery but would meet me at the hospital. Ok, so I leave to go to the hospital and bring her home.

Well, as it so happened, she was hypothermic and had to have several tests done so we would be there for a while. And we were. She was sick. She was really sick.  Having the memory problem, she couldnt exactly tell me what was wrong, but she hadnt been feeling well, and even though we had been to the doctor a week before, she was not well. No one knew.  So there again, God stepped in and saved her life through having her in the road, in the rain and having someone stop to help her.

Mother is much, much better now. She is recovering with lots of help and love. She is feeling so much more like her old self, (and I say that with a smile because she tells me there is nothing wrong with her but age) and she is laughing again and just being Moma.

I was scared to death. I am mad at memory loss and dementia and all of the other diseases of the mind that takes away the memories we cherish. And, most of all, I dont know who to thank. I dont know if the persons that saw Mother in the road read these blogs, or if anyone that knows who might have called for help reads them and can tell them how very much my family appreciates them. We can never repay your kindness. God knows who you are and what care you gave one of his angels here on earth. You will be repaid with riches beyond our imagination from Him.

I dont know the name of the lady at the Police Station but I will find out. I dont know the names of the people that lovingly took her to the ER or the names of all of the wonderful people that treated Moma while in your care at the ER but I publically thank you.

She is an angel. She is my best friend. She is a large part of my life and she has touched so many people in her 84 years on this earth, and if I have anything to do with it, she will touch so many more.  Hopefully soon you will see me and the other white haired lady riding around in the little red Honda again. But you might want to get out of the way, because I cant guarantee that either one of us will remember the way home.........
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