Its Like I Am Still A Kid!!
by DebraThomas
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My birthday is 9/11, and I am proud of that fact.  Its strange, before the events that happened on 9/11/2001 that date was not that recognizable. Now when I have to give my DOB, and all I have to say is 9/11 and before I tell the year, I get a look of sympathy. And tonight I was showing my ID and a lady told me that I sure did pick a sad day to be born. Well, no, not really, I dont think. I believe that God put me on this earth on the exact time and day He wanted to put me here.  My brother was born on 9-6 and my sister was born on 9-9 so no, I think I have a good birthday. Its like me, its unique.

When I think of my birthdays over the years, there are several that come to mind and they are wonderful memories.

My sister made me cakes that were shaped like Princesses with the big flowing dresses, and I remember one was in pink and one year I got one in lavendar. Moma told me I could get my room painted whatever color I wanted and I wanted the color of the dress the cake was that year.  I still love that color.

My brother gave me a book one year written by one of my favorite people, Robert Schuller. I was excited about the book but in his wonderful big brother style, he had hidden a check for $25 in the book and I found it a while after all parties were over.

We have had some pretty funny birthdays too. My sister and I have given the same card to each other; (and there several years between our births as there are several between me and my brother) but yet we have exchanged the same gifts; or used the same wrapping paper. Same mother and father, just different years in our ages.

And there have been birthdays when we were totally caught off guard by Mother. I wanted to order the cake one year and I called the bakery and I had them put an artist pallet on it and a clown to represent my brother and sisters interests at the time. Little known to me was the fact that Mother called and had the bakery add a blue typewriter to the cake to show what I was doing at the time, which was working.  We have a photo of her holding the cake and smiling, because she had gotten one over on me...

There are photos taken of me by Mother when I was on my way to class somewhere and she wanted me to pose by a tree in the backyard so she could take my photo. As Lame as it sounded at the time, I now look back on that photo and admire the way I looked and am thankful for Mother wanting to take the photo of me in my teen years.

Last year, there was a bag left on my fence in the front yard and it had no name on it but it contained water bottles and a purse and all sorts of neat things. Later I found out that it was placed there by my cousin that earlier in the year had been going through chemo and radiation. I still break down sometimes when I think of the kindness she showed in thinking of me on my day after all she had been through.

And then this year, I got a surprise and I dont know who to thank. I received a beautiful shawl (pashima) in red and black woven material in a brown manilla envelope in my mailbox. It had been mailed from a local post office and it has no return address or name on it. There was an envelope inside and it held a puzzle. No box to go by and whomever sent it knows I love a challenge, so they sent me a puzzle with the pashima and the puzzle was not round nor square but was an odd shape and it was of a long haired maiden in a flower garden.

Is this supposed to be the VIRGO that I am born under the sign of? Does the sender know I have long hair and that I love flowers? I dont know. But what I do know is that I am so thankful for my wonderful gifts. I am thrilled. I am wearing the shawl to the ballgames at JSU and every Weaver Event I can and I am taking my bag that my sister had made for me that has red and black paws on it for the Weaver Bearcats or just animals in general. I am going to be so proud in my new things, and you know what, whomever sent me the package, THANK YOU. GOD LOVE YOU, cause you know me, know I love to celebrate my birthday and that I love surprises. I am just a kid at heart.

I still think back on the parties we had at Mothers house and when the whole crowd of family would come and we would have hamburgers from the grill or we would have barbque or something equally as good and then BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

So if you see me going to a bakery and getting me a Birthday cake in the next few days, then you will know I am a happy, well adjusted big kid, I just love the celebration that I am able to celebrate one more year on this earth, and that I am just a big kid at heart.  A heart with a smile on it, because all of you that have wished me Happy Birthday and Many More, well, I am taking you at your  word and having a Happy Birthday, even if it is on 9-11.

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